hmn..........30% off !

  1. a cousin of my DH works in Chanel PR department, she was telling me that she gets like 30% off for her purchase at the chanel boutique. I am so jealous of her :drool: i wish i work in Chanel haha....however she can only get 7 or 8 items per year from Chanel, so its not unlimited purchase :p but somehow after knowing that she gets so much discount for bags and jewellery it kinda of makes me wonder why i am paying so much for it :sad: I heard that staff working in LV doesn't get any discount, i wish they do that with Chanel so i won't feel i am over paying :crybaby:
  2. LV staff does get discounts.

    Eh I dont mind the employee discounts, I see it as a benefit to working for them. At least there's a limit on the discount
  3. LOL.....Jill needs a job with Chanel.Imagine the money I'D save..HEEHEE!!!!!!!!!
  4. I ditto everything Jen said:yes:
  5. hehehe..........i guess now its time to be really really nice to my dh's cousin :graucho: but I am sure although they get discounts but they are not able to touch the staff thats always out of stock or limited edition bags like the reissues...because that would just be super unfair !!
    I am sure she 's going to spend all her salary on Chanel staff now heheheh........
  6. I wish I can work for Chanel.. Or someone in the family works for chanel... So that I'd be able to take the benefits! Hehehe! The discounts what I mean... But here in Hong Kong, I think if you work in the airport, you get 10% or 15% discount on Chanel too. Not sure though..
  7. I remember the last time I heard LV employees get 30% off too. But it's only on merchandise that has been out for longer than 6 months. Which probably means no limited edition bags. LV stinks with their discount no offense to LV lovers.

    I had a friend who works at Bloomingdales and once a month they have this employee discount sale. Which allows you to buy like Chanel stuff at 20% off + another additional 20% off. Too bad their selection on Chanel bags aren't all that great. I have yet to buy one with the discount yet. Maybe one day~!
  8. that's good and all, but i always think about it this way.

    i would rather be the person going in and buying the bag at full price, than the person selling the bag. yes, they might get employee discounts, but even so, those bags are usually still a little out of their reach.
  9. as far as I know, they get 1 classic item...cannot buy the latest bags (epecially the popular ones)...
    of course, 30% disct & other stuff are their perks as chanel staff, hence I don't "envy" them..hehehe.
    They have to put up their purchases for approval too..quite a "lot" of hassle rite??
  10. In Singapore, the staff used to have reduced to 5%..on perfumes etc...but all branded gds..not a single % disct
  11. ITA!:yes:
  12. i was an intern at Chanel 2 years ago when I graduated from school. we were allowed 30% off of current handbags, but were limited to 2 bags every three months. the ironic thing was i hardly bought many bags when i was there. i concentrated mainly on their clothes and jewelry, which i'm glad i did because now i can't afford those anymore as opposed to handbags. :smile:
  13. Okay stupid questions, does it mean their clothes and jewellery are more expensive than the bags?