1. My best friend got a fake black Spy from her mom for Christmas. The "leather" is obviously plastic, and the handles are squishy, and there's no engravement of "Fendi" on the metal spy part on the front. I love designer purses... and I tried explaining to her what was so bad about having a fake. But alas.... I couldn't really think of what to say! So what is so bad about fakes? She argued that only people who have weird obsessions with bags would know. She bought hers here: Black Fendi Inspired Faux Leather Spy Bag: Apparel. She says no one who isn't obsessed with bags will think it's fake. So is it an obvious fake, or a good one?

    Ummm so I'm not trying to sound rude or mean here lol. You're probably thinking I"m really mean to my friend... but honestly she and I always are brutally honest to one another.
  2. wow.. that looks pretty darn fake, especially the pleather.
  3. Have to agree - it does look a little cheap:sad:
  4. I think if she is fine knowing that it is a fake and doesnt care about what others think about her bag, then she is cool with it, but the problem would have been if she thought it was real and you told her it was a fake. (By the way, what do you do in a situation like that?)
  5. I never understood buying fake over a cheaper but authentic purse. You can tell her the pleather gives it away that it's a cheap purse. But if she doesn't care, why should you? She's the one carrying an obviously fake purse by choice. :push: And I don't think your mean at all by bringing it up - you're just calling her out. :graucho:
  6. For a few hundred more, she coulda gotten an authentic one from eBay. :sad:
  7. I dont like fakes.
  8. Well, it's her choice to have it.