Hmmmmmm~~~Neverfull GM vs BH

  1. I bought a neverfull GM from Elux and I do love it........but now BH looks soooooooooo sweet to me. Right now I am thinking about ship the neverfull back and exchange for BH. Idealy, it would be nice to have both but I just want to have one nice, durable LV shoulder/tote bag (for school and work) so that I can hunt for different style LV bags:heart: Can you all LV experts help me make up my mind?
  2. Neverfull all the way! The BH straps are wider and tend to fall off my shoulders. And neverfull has minimal vachetta compared to the BH. Neverfull looks more chic than the BH IMO
  3. Im no expert.. But personally i prefer the Neverfull.. The BH i have no liking for.. And the Neverfull can fit plenty and MORe...
  4. Neverfull can definitely fit a lot more, but I prefer BH
  5. I'd keep the BH... the Neverfull doesn't appeal to me, plus the thin handles reallllly bother me. :tdown:
  6. vote for BH
  7. BH - I don't like the thin straps - they look too fragile to me.. even if they are strong. Plus I prefer the buckles over the ties on the Neverfull.
  8. I love the BH more.
  9. BH !!!! Definitely !!
  10. I think the BH is way better for school etc. I'm thinking of buying it myself for school later. The Neverfull is cute, but it just looks more like a beach bag to me!
  11. Few months ago i got confused on Neverfull MM and a batignolles horizontal. But just last week, I finally got my batignolles horizontal in my Australia vacation and i made the right decision.:yes: The size of the BH is just right for everyday use. I also checked out the neverfull GM and i lik the size as well. Though, the GM size for me is like a overnight bag or a travel bag..

    I still go for BH coz neverfull now a days is soooo everywhere!:cursing:
  12. Thanks for everyone's opinion. I decided to return my Mono neverfull and go for the BH:heart:. My DH just doesn't why I change my mind so ........but he also likes BH better because the thin straps of neverfull hurt my shoulder (I put my 15" laptop and text books in ) and he has to carry some books of mine. My newest LV plan is waiting for Daimer neverfull MM next year!!!
  13. BH :heart:

    I think that if you carry a lot of things in your NVRfull the thin straps will hurt your shoulder :tdown:
  14. i think the BH is a better made bag overall, i really wanted to like the BH, but unfortunately I liked the way the neverfull looked on me much better.
  15. Well the neverfull gm is much bigger then the BH... I would go with both :biggrin:

    Personally I would prefer the BH:tup: if I could only have one.