Hmmmm.....what would you do? HELP!

  1. Ok, so I'm wanting a MC Speedy in black. I have the option of either

    A. buying one that is about 3yrs old, in good condition with a small pen mark on the inside of the bag at the bottom for $1100 (so once my stuff is in it it won't show) or......

    B. buying a new one that is sitting in someones closet and is selling it for $1575?

    I just don't know if "saving" $475 is worth getting someone elses used bag. I just worry that they're "good" condition won't be the same as my "good" condition. BUT, then again it IS $475 that could go to another NEW bag.....what would you do? :shrugs:

    Thanks! :yes:
  2. I always say buy the cheaper..I like more bang for my buck personally!

    good luck either way I LOOOOOVE that bag!
  3. I would be afraid to buy a used MC but if you really wanna save some $ id say B and remember that you get what you pay for...
  4. I too would get the cheaper one. Sure it may have a smal penmark, but if your stuff is going to be covering it up, that shouldn't really be a problem. :biggrin:

    Do you have any pics of the bags?
  5. i would go for the cheaper one and buy a bnew wallet for the $475 that i saved;)
  6. I'd go for the cheaper but be sure you know the condition. Ask a ton of questions. I've bought new and used before....sometimes used is a good deal but only if you are sure the bag is in the condition it's advertised.
  7. Look her bag over, if it looks up to your standards, by all that 500!
  8. yeah i would ask about any other damage but if it was otherwise in good condition buythe cheaper one! whats the retail?
  9. personally...I can't deal with used bags. I'm so anal about my stuff. It would drive me nuts..if its going to get dirty, it needs to be my dirt. I had recently purchased a wapity off of eBay (first and last used purchase ever) and it smelled really bad. ugh!!!!! Plus, if your going to spend that much on a bag, I would just spend alittle more and get a brand new one.
  10. make sure you ask if it has any funny smells!! like perfume or cigs smell or something...

    but I'd get the cheaper one also!
  11. Truthfully, I can't enjoy a used bag that much, especially one that comes with a flaw.In the scheme of things, you are still spending alot of money on the bag, over 1k-I would spend the extra money or not buy it at all.
  12. I've had good luck with used / eb bags. But its usually something that I can't get in stores anymore.

    Take a good hard look at the pictures and decide if you can't live without it. Then jump.
  13. ^I agree with this point of view.
  14. I think that's an excellent idea:yes:
  15. I would spend more money on buying a new bag. This is probably not a practical method in terms of $$$, but for my own peace of mind, it's priceless! Plus I like the idea of being able to create my own history with my new bag.

    However, if I had the very-good-condition item right in front of me where I can see, smell, and analyze it and I don't feel the "heebie jeebies"--- perhaps that would be enough for me to buy it "used" and feel really good about saving money!

    Good luck with your decision!!