Hmmmm - is it just me or...........

  1. Has joining this forum been expensive for you? I just bought a new bag last week. And now

    I just purchased this:


    Normally I would wait a least a few mos between purchases. But with reading here about all the sales, promo codes, etc I could not resist because was 1/2 off @ Neimans & I got a free Juicy Tote & free shipping - couldn't resist!!

    Anyone else??

    I now think I must turn the CCs over to hubby to hide from me for a while.....
  2. This forum has been expensive but also well worth it...the girls here (and the guys) really know their sh*t and give great advice and help out!!

    Only spend the money if you really want to though, don't feel any pressure from anyone to spend you money, you should spend it anyway you want to!!!

  3. Oh yeah! I have spent sooo much since finding this forum! But in addition to the great info and deals, there are always a lot of people on ban so you're in good company when you are not in the position to buy anything new!
  4. Oh, yes...It's been quite costly but I certainly enjoy carrying a really nice bag. "High end" bags for me used to be Fossil...not that there is anything wrong with them, they really are nice bags. But I sure do love my Koobas and my recently acquired Gustto. Even if I'm bummin' around in jeans and a funky top a nice handbag certainly can't hurt. Well, in Britney Spears latest photo (see thread to help ID her bag) her apple green bag couldn't hide that overall disaster...oh, my!
  5. Very expensive...every time I buy a bag, I say this is it, no more for a while, and then I click on "deals and steals."
  6. Yes!!! I am not allowed to buy any handbags or shoes until 2008 now!
  7. Yes...VERY expensive! I actually made myself go on a purse ban until May 2008.
  8. kbell -
    So you've bought a Be&D playmate for you Mena! Whoo whoo....pleeze post pics when you get your new bag (what's the name of your new bag...I forgot!).
    And yes, TPF has been a dangerous place for me and I am oh so tempted so often.
    My rule is that I will be able to return the bag without issue (I have returned more bags than I have actually bought since I have joined this Forum - which is a total of nine since March) and that if it's a Final sale, that I am willing to live with whatever crosses the threshold.
    Bottom line, is that we all learn a lot from eachother, and it's so much fun, but sometimes it's so easy to get all whipped up/excited about newly discovered bags and we buy buy buy.
    Remember (generally speaking), you can only carry one bag at a time and you never want to regret or feel bad about a bag if you're constantly thinking that you've spent too much money on bags - then it's no longer fun, just a guilt trip.
    Enjoy and believe me, you're not alone!!!!:p:p:yes:
  9. I would say no, I was buying way too many shoes and handbags before I joined. But it has made me more selective. With the help of the Bag Ban Buddy Club (in the Money Talks) section, I have been trying to avoid spending so I can save for that special (read $$$) bag!
  10. Well since joining I found out my Louis wallet/speedy thrifty finds under 10 bucks were real, and then I also found out I am not the only one that things carrying the right bag makes all the difference in the outfit..does not have to be designer...I also recently sent back some D&B bag/items I had from the It collection that were yellowing thanks to a post I read on the D&B forum..I also found out how to distinguish fake from real on some designers....and lastly I found out I have huge crush on a Coach Ergo tote in Torquoise, that I have yet to buy..and a similar crush on a LV Pochette....:girlsigh: All in all I would say it was a good thing!
  11. Yes it has made me shop more, but still only stuff I really want or end up *needng*. The purse forum: ~ makes your hobby into obsession ~

  12. What a WONDERFUL quote!!! Oh so true!!!!
  13. Yep...also, it's dangerous for bargain hunters like me who enjoy "the thrill of the hunt"...this forum makes it too easy to find deals that are "too good to pass up" <~~practically my motto, lol!
  14. Well tPF has definitely encouraged me to buy maybe one or two bags that I never would have thought to buy otherwise. But I don't regret the purchases. Just make sure you can afford your bags and that they're aren't more important things to spend your money on first like debt, mortgage, food, etc.
  15. I would definitely never purchase a handbag instead of paying my bills!
    I indulge when I have the extra $$ or know it will be paid b4 the bill actually comes. I've just been indulging way more than usual- even my husb is benefitting - bought him a coach wallet yest. I have been staring @ that Be & d every single day so now I'm happy!

    Dcblam - I will definitely post pix when it comes! I actually had to email be & d to obtain more info on it since the pix on NMs website are so stinky. Quick responses to my questions (from steve himself - or at least that's what the emails said - lol) & now I'm even more excited to get it! It's the O'keefe leather hobo & it's supposed to have really thick sturdy leather that can accomodate the weight of a laptop. I can't wait to get it! And the free juicy tote is a nice plus that looks like it'll be a great beach bag.