Hmmmm, guess what Rockerchic has been up to?

  1. Ladies, could she be moving over to the DARK SIDE?:devil: :devil:
  2. :busted
  3. :wtf: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  4. I don't see anything
  5. How Cute!!!
  6. Go for it Rockerchic!!!
  7. haha, how cute

    (btw, for anyone who hasnt figured it out...rockerchic is the only one with a chanel bag--duh hahaha...LOVE it)
  8. Way to represent:party:
  9. Rockerchic has not been swayed! Has she? :crybaby:

  10. Gals, I represented Chanel best I could! Soon as I was surrounded by those Hermes I thought "Damn, should have grabbed a reissue!!"

    I met some of the NJ gals out--tried to get some Chanel backup, but you all ditched me!! the Hermes gals, Rose, Ninja Sue, Princessofthehouse, and Minnie are all such dolls and made a little ol' Chanel gal feel right at home! As you know, our Rose is around the Chanel forum and she is just as elegant and gracious irl as she is on the forum.

    I must say that the bags were lovely and I may have to add Do get a Hermes on my list for '07!!
  11. I will always love Chanel, don't worry!!
  12. she's showing symptoms of being "Hermed"...:shocked: :shocked:
    I think she's afflicted
  13. :heart:Stacy, we know what you look like. Did they have to block out your beautiful face?:confused1: Your N/S MC Tote looks great on you.:heart:
  14. UH-oh...

  15. Oh you are so sweet!!:love: Rose was just trying to airbrush out my wrinkles!