Hmmmm..Got Galliera PM today....

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  1. so I got the PM today..after a particularly BAD colicky baby day(LOL!)......
    I have to say it is TDF IRL......BUT......I wore it and It kinda irritates me the way it sags in the middle when i put my stuff in it.
    its almost like the magnetic snap isnt lined up properly..anyone else feel that way when their bag is loaded?LMAO?
    Im keeping her..just wondering.....
    I have been wearing the GM MONTY for like 2 weeks ADORE IT as my new baby bag....I also ordered the Beige tahitian(SP?) Im SOOOO DONE!!!LOL!
    Anyone know if the accessories for the beige bag r out yet..I want the flipflops..BAD..(Ok,THEN IM DONE SHOPPING..I swear!!! ha ha ha ha!)
  2. Oh Jill.....tell me more ! I'm really curious if it is comfy....will have to see if the GM "feels" better....BTW, elux has the tahitiennes flip flops already (at least they did earlier)...sounds like you're not 100% about the Galliera.
  3. Oh no, mine is coming tomorrow & I have fear about it sagging & that I should have had GM! AH well we shall see!
    Maybe you will feel better about it after a non colicky baby day Jill lol!

    I actually went for the Galliera instead of the Monty as I read somewhere on a thread that a member returned the Monty because of the sag! Does your Monty sag? I like that bag!

    Can't wait for Tahitienne, I want everything in beige for sure! Pink bag is lovely also!
  4. YES!! Thank you Jill, for saying that about the snap not lineing up; I thought I was imagining it, lol. It DOES line up when you lie the back flat on the table, but when on and with stuff in it, it sorta goes crooked.

    I have the GM,btw and it is to die for. It is the FIRST shoulder bag that actually feels GOOD on my shoulder and stays up the way it is supposed to. Love it!
  5. Yes. I am so happy to hear that someone else feels the way I do about the sag in the middle and that the magnetic snap does not align properly. I also have one other problem that bothers pleat is is done nicely but the other one is out more(puffy) if this makes sense. I am going to LV tomorrow to see about an exchange for consistency in the pleats bc I really do like this bag.

    The bag itself does not sag like the Speedy, it sags from the top.
  6. ^I LOVE the Monty to smooshes but doesnt sag..KWIM??LOL?!
    i cant stand things that sag inward at the midsection..the snap feels misaligned when it does that..hehe...Im keeping it but I think the MONTY GM will get more use(I actually use it as my baby bag too..hehe!)
    talk about BAD days....OY....!!!!!!10 hours straight of nonsleeping baby..Im dying..Ill c if I like the sag more tomorrow

    **JILL is now RUNNING to eluxury..hehe!..........**
  7. ^^^

    Thanks Jill, I am actually dreading my PM coming tomorow now, I am sure I won't like it LOL Hate it when you look forward to something & it doesn't work out. I will report back tomorrow evening with my feelings on the bag. I think it may well go back for a Monty!
  8. I can't stand the galleria for that reason too! So I passed. Still very happy with my mom's monty, haha. Definitely putting the Tahitienne GM on my list, but will wait and see if it's just a crush. Since it's permanent I have time, phew!

    Congrats on your Tahitienne though! :biggrin:
  9. pics...:yahoo:
  10. I took a couple of pics when I had my coat on..they r coming now
  11. I hope your galleria grows on you. Looking forward to your pics.
  12. Tried on the pm today and it is TDF!!! But its disheartening to hear about the magnetic closure-I'm not gonna get one, was never planning to, just wanted to try it-but it is beautiful.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. [​IMG]
  15. It probably does that because the Inventur plate looks quite heavy... I could be wrong though. It's SO gorgeous. Congrats!