Hmmmm... Ashlee Simpson I Presume !!!

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. This is one of those scroll down nightmares.

    It's all looking good....scroll....scroll...scroll...WTF?
  4. Yikes not my favorite pics of her at all
  5. i didn't know the Olsen twin's were actually triplets:rolleyes:
  6. What is with the socks? LOL
  7. She is like a scary combination of the olsen twins and her sister!
  8. I like this look.
  9. Geesh looks like she's channeling Kirsten Dunst.
  10. I think she looks pretty here
  11. she looks great until you scroll down to the socks! she does look scarily like the Olsen twins tho!
  12. I think her bag is pretty cool. Does anyone know who it is?
  13. I agree. The outfit would be okay but the socks are over the top and ugly IMO.
  14. she looks pretty!Love her!
  15. too funny, liz, well said!