Hmmm... What to do?

  1. Recently, I made the decision that I should get an Evelyne II PM to take on family vacations. It's the perfect bag. I can wear it messenger style, keeping both hands free and it holds alot, which I find necessary having a young child and a baby. I went to my local H today to ask about colors and when they would get some in. Because I'm not in a hurry -- We usually do our vacations in the late spring and summer -- I didn't care if one was available.

    The SA suggested I get the Evelyne instead of the Evelyne II. She says the outer pocket on the II loses its shape. I wanted the II because the outer pocket would give me quick access to key, tissues, toy cars, etc. Has anyone with an Evelyne II had problems with the outer pocket?

    Lucky me, they have the color and leather I want in both the I and II. She put the Evelyne on the side for me. Like she said, there isn't a wait list for Evelyne so I can take some time to make a decision. I don't know if I should get it now because it's just going to sit in the box until we go on vacation next May. I'm also taking into consideration I'm on a purse ban (sort of). Meaning, I was going to make a planned purchase of a BV Noce Campana as a Christmas present to myself and that was going to be it until next June.

    Any advice?

  2. I have 2 PMIIs and have had no problems with the outer pocket stretching out!

    I would recommend the PMII over just the PM--that pocket is very handy!
  3. Me too... no problem with the outerpocket, which is very handy... but if you like to wear it the other way around (not the H.) you may not like it.