Hmmm...Weird prices on

  1. Okay so I was looking at the Bleeker line in and I notice that the regular size Bleeker duffle is priced $298...okay....then I look at the large and it is priced $279..hmmmm....has it been like this and I just haven't noticed? I know about the ergo prices but I am just seeing the Bleekers. Is this new or am I just out of it? lol Probably out of it! Just wondering everyone!
  2. Oh...those are the sigs. I'm not sure if they've changed. I got all excited...I thought you meant the leather.
  3. Sorry! But I saw the leather ones on sale at Macy's today...30% off
  4. All of the bags went back to the regular price except the signature bleeckers I believe. The large ones remained at the new price. Great deal!!