Hmmm unsure why my Chanel won't sell on ebay?

  1. It's totally gorgeous, barely used and a very in demand bag, yet it ended without any bidders and I'm less than retail. I relisted it again and not much activity this time eBay slow right now? Should I be adding more to my listing or something? I really need to sell, this is such a bummer! I'd love any thoughts :nuts:
  2. Whats your starting bid? Maybe if it is used, the price is too high. Also, did you provide a lot of pictures because many people are wary to buy on eBay due to authenticity concerns.

    Hope that helps? By the way, what are you selling? :smile:
  3. It depends on what you are selling. eBay usuallyis only good for the most in demand items, eg: cabs, or LV mirrored items etc.

    If the start bid is too high, people won't even look at it. Sometimes you have to jsut start low and trust the market. Set a reserve if you get worried, or else you can always at least resort end the auction if you aren't getting your price.

    And even though you may think its a fair price, we all tend to want to set a higher price, then the market sometimes really demands. So you may have to let it go for a little less then you hoped.

    A lof of factors can be, start and stop time, generally try to set auction end dates on weekends so more people have access.

    Pictures-you don't need a ton of pictures but you definately need good clear pictures.

    As much information as possible, if you are the original purchaser stating that is helpful, when, where, and why you are selling give people more faith.

    Another way to get people in...offer free shipping! Who doesn't love that.

  4. Well said!
  5. I have only sold a few things on Ebay, but my experience is sometimes you have to keep relisting.
    I try to provide lots of pics, including a receipt from the store, minus your personal information. Anything you can do to authenticate.
    You can try going with a lower price and then a reserve to stimulate some activity.
    I have had bidders back out for no reason or just bid and end my auction with absolutely no intention of paying.
    Also, I think things might be a little slow after the holidays as I had a few inquiries from husbands wanting to buy something for the wife, etc.
    Check to see if you are comparable in price with similar items.
  6. Ebay is very slow right now & more & more people are not trusting there anymore!
  7. Congrats on 2000 :smile:
  8. maybe you can try selling in the TPF marketplace... although i'm not able to take a peek in there yet, i'm sure others might be interested. and as far as i know, you wont lose out on listing fees..
  9. i think a lot of people are waiting for the new collection. so they dont want to spend money now....
  10. did you do a search of completed auctions to see how you compare?

    I always do this before listing anything pricey.
  11. thanks for all the advice girls - it's the anniversary reissue so I thought it'd fly off ebay and I priced it comparable to the recent solds...mine isn't priced even at retail. I'll have to hold out and keep relisting I guess!

    Thanks again :smile:
  12. keep trying:yes:
    It's ALL about timing. I know I've had to relist an item 3 times before w/ 1 or 2 watchers, then I'll try one last time and they'll be a bidding war and end higher than I hoped and have 50+ watchers. . . it's all about timing!
  13. keep trying... ebay is weird sometimes.... the same bag can end different results... i see a bag sold at 2000, and one that have 600SB doesn't even had a bid on it!
    btw twinklette, love ur avatar... i love that kate moss pics from that magazine edition!
  14. Are you a newer seller? That might have something to do with it. Maybe you should check out the photos of others that have sold and make sure your photos are of good/comparable quality. Mentioning you have the original receipt which you will provide the buyer should help too.
  15. Wish I could but I'm not a MP member....

    I revised the listing and hopefully that'll work. I took tons of detailed pics too....I'm sending out good )))))buy me)))) vibes LOL :yahoo:

    I'm not a newer seller, I have over 100feedback. I'll add more about auth I guess. Thanks for the tips!