Hmmm... the Balenciagas are back at Bluefly this morning

  1. tons of them
  2. yea, i noticed too.
  3. I noticed--these look less like plastic--are these fakes from another source?
  4. Do you think they're deliberately not showing the bales on the cities? Geez, that red day bag is devine.
  5. I noticed no photos of bales on any--weird. I guess we carried on so much about the bales making the bags patently obvious in the photos that there were instructions issued to photography?
  6. I logged in and noticed that too. No pics of bales at all. The brown city is looking very enticing.
  7. And they're flooded with Guccis and Fendis this mornign too. From the same source?
  8. I don't really know Fendi that well but most of the Gucci stuff they have except for abourt 3 bags is all on sale this week at NM, BG and Gucci presale so that doesn't seem suspicious.

    Does anyone know how they are with returns? I've bought a ton of stuff but have never returned and I only have about 25 mins left on my shopping bag hold.
  9. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: I want to kick them where it hurts!!
  10. Yes, you can't see the bales & the little ring on the front pocket is conveniently placed so you can see the "break" in it on many of these bags. The colors are all wrong on these (again!) Do a zoom on the rivits..Not a single one of them has notches on the sizes, they are all solid discs..

    For those of you considering buying one of these, I can save you alot of time, money & heartache- DON'T do it.. They are fake:sad:
  11. I wish there were bales or the interior tag to look at. At Bluefly Sometimes they're real...sometimes they're not...and I can't help but want to see them in person.

    But, last time there were this many they were fake. However, I've got 8 in my cart and have to get the red day.

    What should I keep?
  12. I wouldn't. It's such a hassle to then return everything and wait for the credit.
  13. They are all Fake. If you were to buy something you would want to see the entire package. Why no straps? Even the Chloe Silverado's look iffy. These bags could have been all returns for all we know.
  14. Do a zoom on the rivit on the handle of the red Day bag. It's a solid disc, it should have notches. Also, I'm not sure what "red" this is.. I have an '05 rouge day & this is NOT it & there are currently no '06 reds until fall. We are all trying to save you girls alot of hassle but if you wan't to see for yourself, go ahead..:hrmm:
  15. Does anybody else see what may be notches in the day bag's hardware?