Hmmm....suspiciously similar...

  1. Doesn't this YSL look suspiciously similar to a well-loved MbyMJ bag that we all drooled over...?


    Just thought it was interesting since I came across it today.
  2. Oh, my goodness! However, this new MbMJ bag (to me anyway) looks a lot like Jimmy Choo. (the pic is from bergdorfgoodman) it's called "Softy Hobo"

  3. There's a bag at Banana Republic right now that looks exactly like that MbyMJ bag too! I guess there really isn't such a thing as originality!
  4. wow, it's like deja vu! I bet the YSL is much more than the MBMJ! And that white MBMJ sort of looks like a slouchier Sienna bag.
  5. suli - is it the teri that you're talking about? that's the bag i first thought of

    duver - i am absolutely in love with that bag!!!
  6. Yup...talking about the Teri.

    The YSL is $795 and I guess it's a pre-order. Looks like black is unavailable. I just came across is and thought, MbyMJ Teri!
  7. Ok guys, don't kill me but i like the YSL version better coss the pockets on the front on the MJBMY version makes it look very casual and it's not for me. But BOY is the YSL version more expensive!!!=P

    I think alot of fashion is about jumping on what's hot. MJ's hot so other designers want to "borrow" elements in hopes of getting customers to buy their bags instead.... just my 2 cents...
  8. So often I see a bag that reminds me of another. MJ might be one of the more "inspirational" designers. I guess parts of all ideas come from somewhere else.