Hmmm - Should We Have A Support Group Here For "bans"?

  1. Hi Girls! Well, I was perusing the LV board and they have an area for commiserating and getting support if one is on a purse ban, either self-imposed, or by DH or SO :feminist: Also, Hermes has a Lonely Hermes Club, for girls who want one but can't afford it now..........(or ever, lol)
    oh, the sense of loss and depression that can follow...........:crybaby: ....i need the Ban area indeed, and there may be a few of you out there that do as well...........what do you think?? We could support one another

    :idea: :s :girlsigh:
  2. I'll join! DH has me on a 2 bag per year limit, and I've used up one of the bags already with the pink heart chain flap, so I only have one bag for the next 9 months :nuts: I have to be on a ban to spread out the bag enjoyment to the Fall!! (or early summer at least)
  3. Put me in My bf has had me on a ban, but I just break give in when it comes to Chanel;) I think I am addicted, esp. since I joined this forum and I have to log on throughout the day. I really need to just stop buying for a while. As soon as I buy one bag from Chanel, I always wind up wanting more- will never be satisfied. I feel like I need to go cold turkey for a while, but I LOVE Chanel too much, HELP!!!:s
  4. Count me in . . . I went a little :nuts: during the first months of '07 -- LOVE everything I got, and got some great deals, but my newfound love for Chanel tipped me over the edge. I have 2 new bags to cherish but I am now on the bench for a couple of months. :sad:
  5. Hehe, just yesterday, I suddenly realized that the only to support my "ban" is making me not come here......sad, but I think the only way works for me, whenever I saw the pics of the bags, I just forgot how bad my financial situation is. hehe
  6. Ooh I think it sounds like a great idea!
  7. I am in. I want a jumbo red flap and a brown or beige or dark navy GST. But I can only afford half of GST now. My blood pressure level jumped when I saw the beige GST in NM and I can't buy. Definitely need help :yes:
  8. ROFL....Should we pass out valium at the door????

  9. I am in. I see the new bags and I am so in love but my income can't support all the bags I want. I am saving up for a GST and hope I have the money saved by the time it comes in.
    "Hi, my name is Carrie and I am a Chanel/handbag addict"
  10. i think i need a ban on myself. though my bf has made me feel so bad for climbing up in the 5 digits in handbag/wallet spending in less than a year. :sad:
    won't be buying anything for a long time. i love my 5 chanels :smile: it's good to stop and look around your closet and feel how fortunate you are to be able to afford Chanel. I've gone from LV along time ago, but I can't leave Chanel. I'll come around again when I am more financially grounded (no debts, but need to save for a townhouse)
  11. Me too....I went a little crazy with Chanel (shoes, purses and accessories) and now I have go back to being good and start saving again. Its tough though, you see all the beautiful purses on this board and it must makes you drool and lust. But if I ever want a fabulous place to store my purses (ie:a house) I suspect I n eed to conserve.....So here ye....I am ordered to be on a "Purse Ban." (gavel slams)
  12. Oh yes, please!

    Whenever I talk about a new purse I want, my bf goes... "Another one? Already?" -rolls eyes-

    I've gone completely out of control and I need some help!
  13. i need to join this group, i spent all my money
  14. This is a great idea! I really need to join but I have no self control. And I am still waiting for the red jumbo. Can I join after that?
  15. DH allows me two bags per year ... I already bought two Chanels and it is only March. I am done.:hysteric:

    I must think of devious ways to pay for the Cerf if I actually get it in April ... and I had a glance at the FW bags, nothing is catching my eye ...

    and don't kill me but I have my eye on that Letter Block Fendi clutch ...

    I think the ban is makding me:cursing: .... I need a job.