Hmmm... Should I get this Brooklyn Tote?

  1. What do you guys think of this bag?

    I tried it on the Boutique and it was so light and comfy ... anyone have one?
    Opinions please!

  2. The Brooklyn ligne is pretty pricey. At one point, I was realllly close in getting the Brooklyn hobo (the on the Chanel website).

    If you wore it and love it, I don't see why you shouldn't get it! I remember someone posted getting that bag, but I think they returned it for the one that looks more like the cabas. There's also a Brooklyn ligne thread in the Reference library.
  3. Queen V, you know I love you so I feel like I can be honest with you. It's just a little out there for me. Of course, you may be able to rock it!
  4. When I first saw it in pictures, I didn't care for the look of the 2 tone leather (matt and shiny), but then I saw them at the boutique, and they looked so rich :yes:! I think if you tried it on and liked, why not get it? I's so eye catching too!
  5. ^(intlset)
    I do agree a bit, it's a tad bit on the "tall" side, it's very long. It didn't work on my body type, but then again I'm only about 5'2".
  6. Funny, I didn't like it in pics either ... it wasn't until I saw it in the Boutique that I really liked it ... still undecided ....

  7. Thank you!! :flowers: not really sure I can tho - LOL!!!
  8. It is a huge bag. If you love it then get it. It is a really cool tote!
  9. I love the Brooklyn ligne but I need a zipper top....
  10. There is too much going on IMO, so I would pass but that is just my opinion. I have seen tons of ladies on tpf rock very funky stuff and look fab doing it!
  11. It's a pretty bag.
  12. the bag its nice but if u saw it already on the boutique and u try it on, n u think u still not convinced .. then juz try another option alike or better .. cuz when u try it on its wen u really know anddd u already did so if i were u ill wait n pik sumthin else out.. or juz luk more bout it but like i said u did the important part 2 see it physically n all dat sooo.. if u think it doesnt work for you and ur style juz pik sumthin else.. rem its all bout the comfortability it givees u even though u say its lite but da look matters 2! luck in ur buy!
  13. It's not bad at all!!!!! And I'm not usually a fan of patchwork/checkerboard things!!!
  14. I tried it on Sat. at Saks. Now, I'm 6 ft in socks and wear at least a 1 inch heel at all times. I had on 3 inch heel boots then and the bag looked big on me. However, it wasn't really long but wide. So, I'm not sure it's the exact same tote. All that said, it does look much better in person than in a pic. I love how it feels and the patent is leather NOT the plastic crap that is on so many bags now (including the newer ones from Chanel). I mentioned to my SA that my only concern was that it was "trendy" and a few years from now, I wouldn't wear it. I passed soley for that reason. I lean toward the classics (with an occasional non-classic but it's till pretty classic, IYKWIM, lol). I love the bag. Good luck!
  15. Hey - so I'm going to give you my honest opinion too and knowing that other bags that you love love love are the cerf and bbags - I'm not so sure about the brooklyn line... I may be totally off the mark here (apologize if I am) but it sounds like you're in love with the comfort factor, lightness, and funkier vibe the bag is giving, however, the style itself must not have completely you won you over. Otherwise - if it had been love love love - you would be posting us pics of your new addition rather than asking us our opinions on whether to get it or not kwim?

    I'll venture out further to say that perhaps you're feeling what I am feeling? Or what I am trying to do? I'm searching for a Chanel that has the same great qualities as a bbag... funky, edgy, slouchy yet with structure, AND can be a shoulder bag. LOL - if it can have tassles I'd be in heaven. So far - no luck in finding a perfect match, but I'm sure somewhere down the line - Chanel will come out with a bag that'll do it for me on the 'edginess/funky' scale. :biggrin: Anyhoo - not sure if you're sorta feeling the same as me or I'm just completely way off the mark...

    but in any case - good luck with the decision. Personally I would pass, but I think a lot of that is due to me being in a place where I'm not comfortable throwing down such a huge chunk of change on something I know is more trendy than classic and I can't see myself still carrying 10 years down the road... but that's just me and my personal circumstances/situation at the mo.