Hmmm, seller states that her bag rop

  1. is new without tags, but has pictures with tags...and doesn't accept returns, I guess i should stay away?
  2. MMM lot of alarm bells going off there. Did you ask her about the discrenpencies? Maybe she just used a template to sell and forgot to change some of the wording.
  3. ooo maybe, I emailed her but she hasn't gotten back to me yet. Hi btw! :smile: Are you going to Harvey Nichs for the mac barbie event?
  4. May she's 2 similiar bags? :shrugs: took pics for the better cond but selling another one? I think it's better if you ask them first
  5. Sounds dodgy, I just don't get how these people can sleep at night
  6. she just admitted it's a fake :sad: that's sad, well its the wrong zipper heads
  7. if it's not listed in the auction, make sure to ask the seller if those are the real pictures. you got lucky in noticing the nwt vs nwot discrepancy. I like to ask the seller if the pictures posted are of the actual bag, everytime, no matter what.
    Glad it worked out for you.

  8. Hey again!

    Not sure if I will make the Mac event - are you going?

    Still need to catch up one day.

    Gosh just saw that she admitted the bag was a fake - thats bad. Did she openly say that or did you mention to her about her zippers etc? Poor you - you're not having much "Bag" luck at the moment are you.
  9. I would now forward her admission on to eBay and try to get her butt kicked to the curb.
  10. how do i do that? heres's the email...
    Thing is, nowhere in the listing does she state she is unsure of the authenticity...
  11. Hmmm... so the seller waited for you to ask questions before admitting she doesn't know for certain if it's authentic? That's not right... Then again, she didn't have to admit to anything So many seller's out there who outright lie about authenticity. So this seller does have a conscience? Blah! Doesn't matter. She should say she's unsure of authenticity in the listing and not wait for ppl to ask questions!

    OT - VW, Secret, are you two neighbours? Have you checked? :nuts:
  12. Leanbeanee we're about 2 miles away from each other lol :p
  13. Hehee... so you already checked? :lol:
  14. yeah :smile: Hopefully we'll meet up and go shopping sometime :p lol
  15. Showing my ignorance here, but what does "rop" mean? :confused1: