Hmmm, okay. I'm getting nervous!

  1. Okay. I won this Louis Vuitton zippy wallet on eBay.. The pictures shows an authentic wallet. So I bought it. After making payment today, I decided to check on what the seller has sold recently ( i checked on her feedback and what kinda stuffs she purchased )... TO MY HORRER, I saw that she has sold another wallet lately and it's a fake.. Now I'm SO nervous and worried..

    She has not shipped out the wallet yet... and I'm not sure if I should just ask her to refund me the money...

    Should I wait and see if it's authentic?
  2. I'd wait and see if the item is authentic. I am assuming a recent buyer claims the wallet they got was fake, but there's no way to be sure it's not a scamming buyer either. Your best bet is to have the wallet authenticated in the proper forum and when you get it, if it is fake, file a SNAD and return it per instructions for SNAD's.

    Good luck honey.
  3. EDIT: nevermind - saw you said the pics are authentic in the auction. I hope yours comes out ok!
  4. Actually I searched her completed items and saw the fake wallet. It's totally wrong and I know it's a fake. But for the wallet I won, the pictures shows an authentic wallet and has been authenticate.. ... ...

    i was hoping that it will come out to be authentic. ;(
  5. Good luck! I dont have the nerve to buy on eBay....yet..
  6. i would ask for refund but doubt she will give it..she will accuse ya of buyers remorse..:tdown: let us knwo how it goes:tup:.
  7. Since Paypal is so good for buyers you really don't have to worry about it. If it turns out to be a fake you can easily get your money back. Sad to say but this is the only reason I just bought a Chanel wallet on eBay. The pics are of an authentic wallet and the seller has good FB but you never know until it gets to you. Good luck. I hope it turns out to be authentic.
  8. good luck!
  9. Good news! She actually refunded me. Sent a few emails to her and she told me that she didnt know the previous wallet is a fake and she understand...

  10. YAY! So relieved to hear a happy ending!
  11. I feel kind of relieved, too! Returning something on Ebay can be exhausting...
    Regina :smile:
  12. Sounds like she is a liar who got caught. She knew the wallet she sold you was fake. I'm glad she refunded your money so you don't have to deal with the hassle.
  13. that's nice! It's always good when you don't have to deal with the whole return process, even if it is easier on the buyer!