WHICH Guccisima bag to get??

  1. Thank you all for your opinions on the Guccisima leather. I actually just went to NM a couple of days ago and decided I definitely like the Guccisima leather. Problem though...I can get only one (in brown) and I am torn between the 85th Anniversary horsebit hobo and the regular Pelham bag in medium (Both in Guccisima leather). What is a horse girl to do? They are both very equestrian and obviously from my avatar I am an avid rider. Please give opinions! :p
  2. They are both beautiful bags.I have the horsebit hobo in black and love it.I too have been thinking about purchasing a leather pelham.I saw a girl the other day with one and it was really beautiful.It definitely caught my eye.Here are a couple pics for you.


    pelham.jpg Black Gucci Anniversary Hobo.jpg gucci 1.jpg
  3. Tough decision.I might vote Pelham?
  4. I like the pelham better. I think it is more useful but still has a classic look.
  5. I love the look of the Pelham, espcially in leather, but I would tend to lean towards the anniversary hobo because it doesn't have two straps (one is always falling off my shoulder). I suppose it depends how they carry.
  6. i vote for the pelham.
  7. 85th Anniv. hobo
  8. I say the Pelhem
  9. pelham brown looks nicer...
  10. I love the pelham!
  11. pelham
  12. I prefer the horsebit hobo. I love the hardware across the front.
  13. Pelham - I have one in cream Guccissima- It's TDF
  14. I like the 85th Anniversary. When I saw it for the first time, it was love.
  15. the pelham looks great! (just as all those others have decided). you should try the double straps on to see if you're comfortable with it otherwise you should go with the 85th. either way you can't go wrong