Hmmm.....not sure what to make of this.

  1. [​IMG]

    How would one wear this scarf? Does anyone else think it is weird to have a skinny with fringe?

    On the good news, I love that this cheaper wristlet is back:

    [​IMG]$68; a bargin compared to the other striped wristlet that is $128 (although it does have the cute key).

    Plus I love this, but it would become absolutely filthy within 30 seconds (I wear the bare minerals make-up and it gets everywhere).


    Yup, I am still addicted to the legacy stripe!
  2. Glad to hear the wristlet is back! Not only was the other one more expensive... I just did not care for the material it was made of.
  3. The stripe fabric is a sinch to clean tho! I wash cloth and laundry detergant, boom, good as new! I just ordered that case today, can't wait!
  4. I ordered that scarf and ended up returning it because I didn't know it had the fringe until I got I'm thinking that I may want to get it again....
  5. I love that framed beauty case.
  6. Would you wear yours tied around a bag? I would be afraid that the fringe would get caught in the hardware or something (I am just accident prone though :push:smile:
  7. I like the beauty case and the wristlet! But the PT with the fringe is not my cup of tea. I like the one with out the fringe better!
  8. I couldn't tell that it was fringe on the scarf when I first saw the pic. Thanks for letting me know. I thought it was really cute at first, but not so much anymore
  9. I'm guessing that maybe the fringed scarf can be used a as a belt (jeans, khakis)? That was my take on seeing the fringe.

    I love the legacy stripes - glad to see that they have the framed beauty case and the wristlet out now. :yes:
  10. I've had the scarf for a few weeks but I'm still undecided. I intended on using it as a belt, but I think I may return it to help pay for something I really like!

    I bought the beauty case, the wristlet & the Legacy Stripe Photoholder fob today though! Can you tell I love them stripes!!!
  11. Wait!? What!? Seriously? Explain in detail. Does it matter powder vs. liquid? Just rub a little on a stain and good as new?
  12. bare minerals does get everywhere, a friend of mine wears it. i love the stripes too.
  13. Me too! I don't like that fringe at all :tdown: