hmmm...Neverfull MM or Damier Speedy 25?

  1. Hi everyone!! I need some help!! I'm deciding to get my 3rd LV piece and I was debating between the Neverfull MM or the Damier Speedy 25. I was thinking about the Mono Speedy 25 too lol. I already have the Damier Azur Speedy 25 but you can never have too many Speedies IMO. Such a hard decision to make grrrr:p!! Tell me what you guys think and thanks!
  2. Well... I'm not one to speak since I have four Speedies.... but I think you should either consider getting a 30 in Damier so you have two totally different bags (in versatile sizes) OR get the Neverfull since you don't have an LV tote yet.
  3. Both! heehee jk...between the both, I'd say the neverfull since you already have a speedy, then get the mono speedy later:tup:
  4. since one is a shoulder bag and one is handheld... it all depends on what you want it for... since you already have a speedy... then maybe the Neverfull would be a better choice :confused1:
  5. I would go with the neverfull. This way you have 2 different looks
  6. I vote for the Neverfull MM!
  7. The Neverfull isn't my favorite bag, but you already have a Speedy, but I do like the Damier Speedy, so I say get both the Neverfull and the Damier Speedy haha. The Neverfull might be a good change of style for you perhaps?
  8. I prefer the Azur to Damier and since you got Azur already so the Neverfull..
    plus you would have two diffrent styles of bags!
    Good luck!
  9. Get the Neverfull first since you already have a speedy, now you will have a shoulder and handheld LV! After that get another speedy!
  10. This is a hard call... because I do love both bags! Since you already have a speedy, so I'd say get the Neverfull so you'll have a different style bags to dress with.
  11. You cannot go wrong with any of the ones you like BUT I think you should get the Neverfull. It's such a cute bag and it is nice to have a tote in the spring and summer. The Mono 30 is my most favorite bag so definitey get one later!!
  12. not a fan of the neverfull, but i ADORE speedies (have 3 and plan on getting 2 more!) i say damier speedy in either 25 or 30, depends what you prefer! and later a mono...
    sorry, not much help ;oP
  13. Damier Speedy! But get the 30. I bought the 25 first because it was cute, but it just wasn't big enough for me and I had to turn around later and get the 30, which I just love. The 30 doesn't look as big in the Damier. I have the 25 and 30 in the mono and love them too. Not as in love with the Neverful though. Get a speedy!
  14. tough call - i have and love both.
    maybe the neverfull ... just for a different look and function.
    and THEN the speedy later.
  15. that is soooooo true you can NEVER have too many speedies!!!!! but the neverfull is great too!!! i'm waiting for a damier neverfull.