Hmmm.....mystery solved?

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  1. Interesting, what a concept. Wonder why they do that. I guess so if someone takes it again to be fixed they know that it has been damaged before (and maybe the owner isnt careful with it.)
  2. Except that it has tags..this seller has a Coach bag for auction with the same thing.

    Does Nordstrom sell their returns somewhere?
  3. that's totally weird. i haven't figured this one out. i didn't know you could refurbish bags like watches.
  4. This is the reply that I got back from the seller when I questioned what "refurbished" meant~

    Actually, according to the Nordstrom employees, refurbished can mean a number of things. Yes, one is that the bag was bought and returned and then brought back to its original condition. Other reasons for refurbishing a bag can be that it was the display bag, an employee purchased the bag, etc. The Coach bag that you inquire about looks absolutely brand new minus the dust bag and care cards. If you win the auction and are not pleased, you may return the bag for a full refund. Return shipping is on you, though. Please be aware that there will be a small grommet on the inside pocket of the bag. Please feel free to ask any additional questions. This bag is pristine. Thanks again for looking. Sincerely, msmallers
  5. I'm not sure if you can still do this, but years ago both Coach & D & B had a refurbish program. You could send in any product you bought from them and no matter how bad a condition it ws in they would fix it and pretty much make it look like brand new for hald the cost of the original price.
  6. Kate Spade 'refurbished' my bag for $20. I just mailed into them, and they sent it back like new. Maybe this is what they mean.
  7. Dooney was sly though....I sent mine in ( I had the classic AWL doctor type bag) and they told me that it couldn't be fixed, but I could buy a new one for half the price. I had heard that they often offered this, so I sent mine in, and took the half price new bag. Then I returned it to Nordie's and got a different style. :amazed: This was probably in '91.

    I was slyer. he he
  8. Oh, and I forgot the rest of my story, lol.

    I also sent in a Coach bag around the same time frame, as the pull on the zipper had worn through. They fixed that and a seam good as new...but they didn't moisurize it or anything...just sent it back scuffed. I thought that was odd. It was free though...I think I just had to pay the Coach store $15 ish for S & H.
  9. It could be....but both of their auctions said that Nordstrom did it, not the respective companies that made the bags. Such a mystery.... lol
  10. Can you still send old purses to Coach to get it refurbished or did they go cheap and decide to remove the program?
  11. I've seen a kate spade bag on eBay before too with a silver button like thing in the bag and the seller said it was to prevent returns. I've bought kate spades and department stores do not tack in that thing so maybe it is indicating that it is refurbished.