hmmm.. my lost obsession *sigh*

  1. i had eyed these dolce gabbana shoes for sooooo long!! went to a harvey nics fashion show in manchester, uk ...
    juss wanted to share my lost obsession with u guyz these are THE shoes±!! yummyyy

    the third pic is of jiah khan - a bollywood actress - luv it how she wears them!! *long sighs*
    CIMG2154.jpg dolsho-dd5199-ner-p.jpg Nishabd media Meet 16.jpg
  2. love those shoes!!!!!!!!! isn't that the actress from "Nishabd" with amitabh???
  3. yesshh!! jiah khan - sick film thought! lol not tht i saw it but sounds wierd!
  4. ^ is that a pic of you in your icon? cute!!!

    hey, do you know where in Pak I could go for some hot wedding clothes?? I heard there is a *gay* guy designer in pak that makes amazing clothes..could you give me boutique and designer info for the latest fashions? thanks
  5. hah all male designers here seem to be gay but there are so so many -
    here are soem websites -
    if u need any other info plz ask because i have had clothes made from each of them - its me in the icon and i am weasring taufiq husain he doent have a website but makes amazing clothes!! if u need contatacts do tell -

    hope it helps!! :biggrin:
  6. ^ thanks. Do you know of stores that I can go to there? I know there are a few in lahore, karachi etc. but I havent been to pak in over 13years :smile:


    ps. do u have email? it would be better if I could email you instead of posting back and forth on here hehe
  7. ill be pleased to help u but u need to enable messaging in ur settings- and we can chat by private messages!

  8. i could not watch that movie something abt amitabh going after an 18 yr old did not sit well with me