Hmmm.... maybe I'll have to ask sellers to post their age!


Sep 5, 2009
british columbia
Okay ladies and gents. Bit of a buyer's beware story here for you that you may find entertaining... and my apologies to our younger members of the TPF, not offence to teenagers is meant by this story....

So earlier this week, I saw the mono mini pochette posted on Cr******st in a community about 2 hours away from me. Asking price was about 50 per cent of retail, and it said never used, with box, bag and receipt, and bought in Paris as a souvenir.
Did all my background work, got pics, and confirmed it was genuine.
After some thought, and your TPF comments on my "is mini too mini" post, I contacted the seller and offered FULL ASKING PRICE and made arrangements to go pick it up yesterday.
Because it was a bit of a drive (2 hrs each way), I arranged for a friend to go with me..... as being a female i don't usually arrange to meet people alone (for safety).
So before heading out, I email the seller to confirm the place and time......
and I get a message back saying "My Mom and I will be waiting for you by T++ H+++++'s (coffee chain), as I'm not old enough for my licence yet"

***This should have been a warning sign, as here in Canada that means you're not 16 yet.****
But because it said the mother would be there, I decided to continue with the plan. Then at the last minute, I get a message saying she can't meet, suddenly has family thing to go to.
Fortunately i'm able to cancel my plans and my friend.
So I email back to find out if we can reschedule, and she emails me back
"sorry, someone offered me (xx$) ($20 more than she had listed). LOL"
So, given that I am likely dealing with a teenager I emailed back and just politely explained the trouble I had gone to to make arrangements and that in future it is important to keep your word if you agree to meet some one.
And I get an email back:
"sorry dude, got offered more money. LOL":tdown::tdown::tdown:
The only good thing is my friend and I hadn't left to go up there. oh well.... I live to shop another day.....


Feb 23, 2010
Brooklyn, NY
Sorry to hear this happened you, but unfortunately this stuff happens all the time with CL sales with people of all ages. I've been burned many times as the seller and the buyer. Good luck with your future CL purchases


Dec 27, 2009
Sorry to hear about that, dude!

Just kidding. I really am sorry about all the hassle, but as the previous poster mentioned, this does happen quite a bit with Craigslist. I typically wouldn't even entertain purchasing a bag off that website due to all the counterfeits and just general hassles! :sad:


Nov 4, 2009
I love CL, but unfortunately there's a lot of people who can't keep their word...=/. Good luck on the next purchase.


Feb 10, 2007
What a bummer :sad: Oh well, lesson learned I guess. Glad you explained to her/him how much trouble you almost went to:tup:


Feb 14, 2010
grrr im sorry craigslist is a pain. i found a couple bags on there not long ago and tried making arrangements to purchase but the kept stalling then disappeared. total pain