Hmmm, is this a picture of an *used* Sirius 45 on eLux? (ro)

  1. It looks like they used one that already developed a patina for the photos. I noticed that some photos on Elux show bags that have some patina and others show bags that are still very light. It doesn't mean the bag is used. Bag will develop a patina just sitting on a shelf waiting to be sold.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. The patina in the photo is really nice!
  3. wow i didn't know that a bags handles could magically patina wihtout actual use
  4. Contact with air alone will cause vachetta to develop's just slower than if you were to use the bag. :yes:
    It's kind of like silverware, even if you don't use it, it will still tarnish over time.
  5. Yeah, the speedy 25 picture on elux is also like this
  6. It's noticeable on some of the display models in the stores . . . the monogram keepalls at the St Louis store have some pretty apparent patina. Dunno if they never sell mono keepalls at that location or nobody wants to buy the display models. But a friend of mine actually suggested buying one of those over the carryall when I was considering them because they thought the "darker leather" looked more masculine! :biggrin: