hmmm is it too late to...


Dec 22, 2006
Hey all Fendi addicts,

I'm just wondering if it's too late to get a spy bag? like do you think it's gonna be out of fashion really soon? or is it gonna be counted as a classic? ok one more question :sweatdrop: is this blue lambskin spy bag new or was it from last summer's collection? Thank you all and sorry for all the questions!


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i think the spy is a classic. it's so usefull.. over the shoulder, on the crook of your's great. it's doesn't scream fashion at all. people still stare at my bag when i take it out. don't think about the "it-ness". if you like it, get it. that's what i do. i don't care what others think.
It's never too late to get a spy!
If you stick to the usual leather/colors (not the mink etc) then there's a good chance it'll last you a looonnng time.
I still get compliments on my spy, even though the style's been out for a while. There's just something about it that's unusual and unique and always stands out.
To the best of my knowledge, that blue spy that you have in your pic is brand spankin' new. I think it's available to pre-order now.

I'm just wondering if it's too late to get a spy bag? like do you think it's gonna be out of fashion really soon?

Hmmm... Methinks if ya really like the bag, ya shouldn't hafta ask that question. By that I mean, if you really like something, you shouldn't care whether it's in style or how long it's gonna be in style or whatever. If you like it, get it, wear it... I got a black spy last month n' just got my zucca today.:yahoo: I couldn't care less about what anyone thinks about 'em bein' in or outta style. I LOVE spy bags! So for me, they're IN until I get tired of 'em (like that's gonna happen). Anywho, ya wanna know how I really feel about it? All that in/out of style stuff is for people who can't think for themselves. I'm sure you're a bright girl who can think for yourself and nobody knows better than you what YOU like. You don't need anyone to tell you that this or that is in or out. If you like this beautiful spy, then gosh golly, GET IT!:yes:
Spy bags are classic, such beautiful bags, leather so soft and the colours out of this world.

The Blue spy is the new spy for 2007, you cannot buy the old colour blue Petrol any more unless its on ebay
I think the spy is a classis too. It will always have its apeal. Plus you don't see every other person wearing it.

I love the new blueberry color. It's going to be stunning IRL.
The spy is a classic and one of the most beautiful bag in the world. I personaly think it's a revolution in the world of fashion, I never love a bag so much!
totally agree...tht spy is already a "classic"'s gorgeous and also roomy...i mean it represents beauty and function....if u're afraid that it's gonna be out of fashion...just buy the basic ones like choco/cognac or black.

for i pic of blue spy...i think i saw it on Saks for pre-order...
THANK YOU all are sooo sweeeeet!! :shame: ..I really like spy bags and my sis has the one in honey and I love it.. it's sooo trendy and classy at the same time but now I feel confident about it after all your posts! thanks all
Like everyone else, I agree that the spy will be a classic. The styling is very classic and fun all in one -- not a lot of bells and whistles to it, but its styling definitely stands out.
Spy is totaly out ouf this worlf. I mean, for me it's perfection. So sexy, Classy, trendy. The leather is to die for, the colors are great, the shape is perfect! That's so the perfect bag IMO