Hmmm...I'm in love...and so blessed!!

  1. My husband got sick 2 Saturday's ago. He was so ill but because of the weather we waited to go to the ER until Monday night. The roads were slick and dangerous, but we made it. They did bloodwork, and gave him an IV (He was severely dehydrated from the vomitting and d*). They gave him some pain meds, antibiotics, and sent him home. He wasn't much better and we took him to the Dr. on Wed. Things got so bad he couldn't move his hand to scratch his nose. He hardly complained, instead he kept apologizing for "ruining" my anniversary trip to CA/LV. I told him to quit being silly! We could go again sometime later.

    To make this short, he was close to dying and we didn't even know it. He had an accident when he was 18 and lost his spleen. Since that, he was told to be very careful but nobody ever told him he needed a Pnemonia shot every 5 yrs. So, if I had been in his condition, it would have been much less serious. If you know of anyone who doesn't have a spleen, has a heart condition, is over 65 , etc...(the list is longer) you should see that they get a shot. I had time to think about life without my man and it was horrible. I'm so blessed to have him and thankful he's here today.

    Just thought I'd share some good news, and thank God for his mercy in my life. Hug your loved ones! Life is so fragile!
  2. I thought I'd add to this (to make it purse related)LOL

    He bought me a Chloe Vermillion Paddington Wallet to match my red Heloise. He said he spent 2 whole days looking for it. He got it from Bluefly. I said "how did you hear about Bluefly???". It was so heartwarming that he really does listen to me and pays attention to what I like. I'm so lucky!
  3. First of all - i am so glad he is ok. poor guy!
    Secondly - nice one on the wallet front :tup:
  4. Very happy to hear that your man is ok, imon. You are very blessed indeed to be married to such a sweet man & one who actually listens. Happy holidays and happy new year to you & your man, imon.
  5. So happy that your DH is OK, and such a sweet one too!
    Now on the lighter side, you've certainly educated him very well indeed, Chloe and Bluefly too? I am impressed:graucho:
  6. You are very blessed imon and I am soo glad everything turned out ok! I was really getting worried about you....
    Hopefully you can make up for your anniversary plans soon and do even more shopping is Las Vegas!

    Congrats on the new wallet and bag.....
  7. that is very sweet. i'm glad he's alright! he sounds like an amazing husband.
  8. So glad to hear that your hubby is doing better, wishing him a speedy recovery. Happy Anniversary and congrats on your new wallet. May God's blessings continue in your life.
  9. So glad to hear that everything is going better:love:! It is very scary when these things happen, but sometimes we need it simply to remind us just how precious every moment is... especially with the ones you love.

    acshih, ITA well trained... I mean educated indeed:lol:! if only I could get my DH to do the same:girlsigh:.
  10. WOW - I am so relieved everything worked out after that harrowing experience. That was a good wake up call. And your DH is unbelievably fabulous to buy you a wallet like that. What a sweetie pie!!! And you can enjoy it all even more this way. A trip to Vegas is due soon!
  11. I kept asking my sister what happened to you, she thought perhaps you went on your vacation to Vegas. All I know is that you were visibly absent? When you don't have a physical relationship with the people on this forum and they are gone for a period of time, one's imagination can run wild (that's my mother in me).

    Anyway seriousness did occured to you in the way of your dear husband, so scary. Thank you for sharing your pain and ultimate victory over your edgy situation. Praise God hubby is safe!! I almost cried, here he is at death's door and he's thinking of your happiness. You got a good one there Ima!!

    Also he's a good listener, who'd thought heh?:girlsigh:
  12. Oh, you guys have me tearing up here! :crybaby: I'm so thankful for all your kind thoughts.
    He must really listen to all my jibbering about these new loves of mine!!:smile:

    I have to laugh because every time a new bag would show up I would say "they're not ALL staying, honey!" ;)What really touched me was that he KNEW the red Heloise was my favorite. He couldn't find a red Heloise wallet, but found the paddington one. When I saw it was Bluefly I thought he'd been peeking at my favorites!! I'd never ordered from them myself, but of course have been to their site many times. He said he just found it on his own, after 2 days searching.

    Anyway, he did all of this before he got real sick because he wanted me to have the wallet and purse to take to Vegas with me. I told him I didn't want to take it into the casino (smoke!). He said "yes, but you need it when you go shopping, you know...for more bags". (isn't he sweet?)

    Thanks girls! :heart:
  13. So glad everything went fine with you and your husband! Even though I don't know you in person it is quite heartbreaking and touching to read about it! Thanks for sharing and I agree, we should definitely be thankful for every good moment we have with our beloved ones!
    All the best to you and your sweet husband!:heart:
  14. awwwww bless him such an angel!! <i almost teared when i read ur third post!> i am so sorry he went through all that.. i truely pray he gets better soon.. many congrats on the wallet sweetie :biggrin: :love:

  15. OMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!HE'S THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes: