Hmmm, I think I found the Damier version of Wapity (ro)

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  1. I've been wanting the Wapity ever since it came out, but I'm not too keen on the vachetta. Just now, I came across the Damier Okapi Case PM on

    Here's how it compares to the Wapity.

    Wapity: $275, 4.3" x 3" x 1.7"

    Okapi Case PM: $300, 4.5" x 2.9" x 1.6"

    The only big difference is the Okapi opens along the top, while the Wapity opens along the side.
    Wapity vs Okapi.JPG
  2. this item is great, i have it on my wishlist on the website.

    before buying it i'll have to check them at the store ti find wich sizes is the best for my daily use.

  3. i saw that piece at the boutique on friday. its cute, and i got so much use out of my wapity. sounds perfect!
  4. Its cute, doesn't it also come with a long neck strap? I need something for my treo PDA, nothing fits, I wonder if this would you know , does it have a clip on the back too?
  5. Yup, this was posted about a month or two ago, when it first came out, there ia a pm and gm version. Came out as the same time as the macau...which is a litlle bigger, which I really love and is on my wish list ;)

    I think they both come with the long strap, but it might just be the gm. No clip on back.
  6. very cute...
  7. Very cute piece. I prefer the Okapi because I like the location of the zipper better than the one on the wapity.
  8. it's so cute!
  9. i like the okapi because it has a pocket!
  10. Here's a dumb question - it looks like the Okapi has a wrist strap but when I read about it on eLuxury -- it only mentions a belt loop and a neck strap. Does it have a wrist strap or not?? I like how the Wapity has the wrist strap.
  11. Never mind -- I see now you have to buy the wrist strap separately with the Okapi. That's a downer. Still cute, though.
  12. so cute.
  13. It is a great peace, Very useful, I love mine.