Hmmm...Feeling "Cloudy"...

  1. Brought a little something home from Chanel today...
  2. What is it?!? lol! I want to see!!!:yahoo:
  3. First Cloudy Bundle bag style to arrive at SCP...
    Chanel 001.jpg Chanel 002.jpg Chanel 003.jpg
  4. Congrats!:yahoo: It's beautiful! :heart:
  5. It is sooo soft...I love it! This is the "beige" color...can you believe it? It is so not has a slightly bronzy green tone to it. Had a light black sweater on today and it looked great!

    I asked the SA to please bring a Chanel jacket for me to try on as I needed to make sure the handles were long enough to shoulder...verdict is YES...Cloudy can be be worn on the shoulder! The handle drop is approximately 8-9" depending on bag stuffing...
  6. Gorgeous!!!!! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  7. OMG Socal - LOVE! I am glad the color isn't the same as the Reporter beige.

    This is the middle bag in the file I sent you, right? I thought it was hand-held only if that's the one.

  8. I love it!! The leather looks soooo buttery soft and the color is great!
  9. WOW! Gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. Also, did the s/a state what type of leather it is? Lambskin or calfskin?? I'm trying to see how it compares to the vintage ligne, since I can only get one more fall bag.
  11. Yes, it is the middle pic in the file. I also assumed it was a hand-held almost doctor-style bag. Not!
  12. OMG I love it!!!! Thats a great bag for fall!!!! Congrats!!!
  13. Oh, sorry...I didn't ask...just loved the bag, loved the style, (and I have to say, the jacket I tried on with it was quite fun), and pulled out my cc. The leather is very soft.

    I like both the vintage ligne and this line...but...I am very sensitive to "winter" me, VL is more winter than the cloudy bundle line (e.g. VL is closer to the appearance of a down coat). But please remember I really like both lines (I also made myself choose!). We transition from winter to spring very early in Southern California and I could picture myself wearing this bag for a longer period of time than the VL (just me!).
  14. So THIS is the Cloudy bag :yahoo:. I'm LOVING it :wlae:. The color is fantastic and I love that you can wear it over your shoulder. Congrats :smile:.
  15. BTW, Chanel will also carry the bag in off-white and black (but SCP only carried left).