hmmm....does your money wallet come w/ extra tassel?

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does your money come w/ extra tassel?

  1. have extra tassel

  2. does not have extra tassel

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  1. i'm curious if the money wallet comes with one extra tassel? i have two money wallets and neither one has an extra tassel.....although i see one on eBay with an extra tassel. how many of you money owners have or does not have the extra tassel?
  2. Nope. I checked all the compartments and pockets, and I didn't receive any extras...which I find a little weird since my coin purse came w/a spare. :shrugs:
  3. hi, i recently bought a tomato money at nm and did receive an extra tassel.
  4. i got mine from Nordstrom and it came with 1. i had one from aloharag too that i returned that also included the tassel.
  5. I got my money from bluefly, and was a little worried about authenticity only because of some threads I read about fake bbags. But it seems legit to me, except I didn't realize they come w/an xtra tassel! Now I'm a little worried again- maybe it just got lost in the shuffle. :confused1: Everything else is in order (fingers crossed).
  6. Just wondering- for those w/o an extra tassel, do you mind sharing where the wallet was purchased?
  7. My black Money wallet did not come with an extra tassel, but all of my coin purses have.
  8. no extra for me and i bought it from the nyc boutique
  9. No tassle - Song boutique in Austria.
  10. I bought mine at le Printemps and I did not have the extra tassels
  11. wow, i'm surprised that there are others w/o the tassel!!
  12. mine was purchased from Barneys nyc.
  13. mine was purchased at balenciaga hk and it had an extra tassel.
  14. my grenat has one , bought from LVR
  15. I bought mine at Aloha Rag and it had an extra tassel.