Hmmm... does anyone think Cafe is ......

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  1. going to be like the 05 Chocolate ??? :confused1:
  2. I was picturing it being a bit lighter and warmer, but it's hard to say.
  3. I am not sure, but I was hoping it would be a bit lighter!
  4. should be darker than truffle tho don't you think?
  5. From the atelier.naff pictuers, it looks like more 'warmer' brown than the 05 chocolate... And I think it is 'darker' than truffle. Truffle seems to have more yellow tone in the color than Cafe would. To me, Cafe is really like Dark Brown. And 05 Chocolate is one shade darker than Cafe so Dark, Dark Brown...?
  6. I saw Cafe IRL and it's really really dark. It looks almost black with a sheen. I guess I would call it brown-black. You can't really tell it's brown unless you put it next to something black. It's not a dark chocolate brown though. Hard to explain. LOL!
  7. yum - sounds good and sounds like would go with everything

    mas2388- have you seen the anthracite?
  8. cafe vs marron 06?
  9. I wonder if it would be like the tobacco color that chloe had? I have a bag in chocolate and it has quite a bit of red to it. Very brown and not anywhere close to black.
  10. i really think it should be darker than truffle :smile:
  11. I don't think anthracite will be out until March. I can't wait to see it too though!
  12. mas-

    does Bal NY have Cafe in? what styles? guess I should call there:shame:
  13. qv what style do u have in mind :drool:
    i would imagine such a dark color would be dif amazing in large bags! say work and weekender!!
  14. Sounds really intresting, and kidsfriendly I think it would look great in the "day".