Hmmm...DH is being sneaky....

  1. So tomorrow I defend my masters...and I told hubby he better come up with a great surprise present (the guy is so bad about presents...I had to send him an excel spreadsheet with my wishlist). Anyhow...he bought my a Macbook:yahoo: which is great...and I jokingly told him there was still time to get me a brown box.

    So oddly enough...yesterday morning I called and ordered the MC Fleurs keychain...and my hubby calls me later that day...and says:

    'hey....I just wanted to tell you I am still thinking of you and the great job you are doing on your school stuff. So I called your SA and got you a new keychain'

    **me in my head thinking: Oh crap...I hope it wasn't the one I bought this morning**

    so he says 'funny enough...your SA said 'why does she need two''

    **in my head thinking: oh, crap!**

    so he says 'haha gotcha'

    But now....he talked to my SA for some reason. I don't know why. I do know after checking the incoming calls on the home phone that the SA didn't call here with problems regarding shipment. So that means hubby called him (there was no other way hubby could have found out I bought the keychain - mind you...I told him about it 2 weeks ago, but he had no clue I bought it yesterday)!
    Hmmmmmmmmmm......I wonder if hubby is fakin' or if I'll have another brown box tomorrow!
  2. lol..............what a great hubby!!

    that is so cute
  3. Ooooh he's so kind! I hope you get that brown box tomorrow!
  4. awww you got a nice hubby!!!! i hope theres a brown box for you tomorrow!!!! keep us posted!!!!
  5. Twiggs, good luck with your defense, it will go amazing I am certain of that! I defended last year at this time and I know how tense it is, so it is so sweet of your DH to be sneaking around at LV! Be sure to fill us in on all the details of both big events!
  6. aww. that's so sweet of your DH! good luck on your defense; I'm sure everything will go wonderfully well!
  7. sweet...good luck defending your masters thesis and enjoy your new good when it arrives....
  8. Good luck on your masters thesis... Hope your dh is being a sweetie...:flowers: Maybe there will be a brown box from him too!:smile:
  9. Good luck defending your thesis and hopefully you'll have a treat when you come home ;)
  10. Ohhh...hopefully there will be a brown box with a treat inside waiting for you...

    Good luck on the defense... =D
  11. N, good luck tomorrow! And how cute is your DH! I can't wait to see what he got you!:graucho:
  12. Aw, what a wonderful hubby!
  13. Thanks so much everyone!!!!!!!! He is being a sweetie...I told him the new laptop was good enough...but I won't refuse a brown box!!!
    My BIL may have a brown box tomorrow for me too!

    I don't want to get myself too excited...just in case there isn't any LOL

    Tomoww at 11 AM is the big meeting! I will just be so glad to have it done...I've been working on this for about 1.5 it'll be a relief!
  14. Good luck.......
  15. Excuse my ignorance, but how exactly does one defend their masters? I'm not totally hot on the university system, and then qualifications further than that. Could someone possible explain?

    Oh and congratulations, I can deduce that it is something good - i know that much lol