Hmmm, curious...

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  1. what is your opinion of this shaped tods bag? I'm not really sure how I feel....

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  2. Cant say I like the shape. Sorry
  3. i like it!
    but i prefere other tod's bags.
  4. Not for me, I thought it looks a little matured.
  5. i like the shape because it's different. i wonder how the shape holds up when you fill it up with stuff????
  6. The end looks like a fish mouth. I don't like it!
  7. LOL, fish mouth huh? I'm still not sure what I think...I do like the fact that it's unique...kinda reminds me of LV alma shape a bit...though I believe its bigger.

  8. I saw this bag in the fall, and it looks a lot better in person. They had a chocolately brown color that was to die for!
  9. hmmm...
    I'm not feeling the love!
  10. Not for me
  11. i like the colour but not the shape
  12. Are the zippers on the bottom just for looks? what would/could you put in there?
  13. I am a fan of Tods bags, but the shape of these is weird.
  14. It is better inperson. I like it alot, but not enough to buy.
  15. I dont like it :sad: