hmmm...chocolate/dark brown biker ramona

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  1. Hi, i'm new here, so pardon me if i do something wrong. I love jimmy choo bags....just saw this at one of the website, this looks really good. I wonder how this looks like in real life, anybody seen this yet?

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  2. Its beautiful! I saw it today in Selfridges. I'm thinking of getting it in a Romona
  3. #3 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    I saw this at Nordstrom. It is really a beautiful color. Are you getting it? I love the Ramona and am so glad to see the return of biker leather/snake! They are using Elaphe snake now, though instead of Karung (watersnake)
  4. LOVE IT - I want to see it in person. oh maybe not, then I'll want to buy it:shame:
  5. Just tried it on at Nordstroms. The color and texture is gorgeous!
  6. I am going to Nordies today. I hope they don't have this!!!
  7. :lol:

    I like it too. I was looking at it earlier this week online.
  8. It looks like a brownie, I want to eat it up it's so yummy!~
  9. It's beautiful.
  10. It's beautiful and really rich IRL. I'd buy it in a second if I had the dough and I'm not really a brown person. Gorgeous....somebody please get one. jmcadon ????? I've seen the Ramona and the Riki and think it would be absolutely fab in a Ring!!!!!
  11. yes...yes...please post pictures if anybody's getting it. i live in asia and not sure whether they are getting the bag here. thanks everybody for the info.
  12. No no no! I saw the Ramona and it is gorgeous! Thank goodness it was not a Riki or Ring.
  13. The Nordstroms near me is getting this in the Riki by March. I had her put me on a wait list.... I just need to find the funds:thinking:
  14. The biker leather and color combination looks fabulous.
  15. It looks really good! Very classic and chic