Hmmm...Chanel Oversized Tote...Beauty or Beast?

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  1. Pics of Chanel Oversized Tote from Elle Accessories and eBay auction...the oversized tote... What do you think?

    From Elle Accessories...
    JC Mahala 001.jpg JC Mahala.jpg
  2. From eBay auctions (both auctions ended with BIN)...


  3. I think they are way to big for me(i am 5'3), but I think they would be great for travel. Like always, I do love the design.
  4. I love it! I'm almost 6' though, There's a great pic of the bag in the latest NM The Book, it really is striking! Are you getting her SoCal??!!

    Edit: is this made from patent leather?
  5. I'm waiting to see the caviar... we shall see!!!
  6. I am with Japskivt...waiting to see it in leather...
  7. If I recall correctly, vinyl...satin...and leather...
  8. Hmmm in leather, that would be nice for work, hmmmm! It is described in The Book as "black patent leather"
  9. Hmmm... a bit too bold for my tastes, but I'd love to see on IRL. :nuts:
  10. HOT. like it without it stuffed though.
  11. I like it, but probably not on me.
  12. I am strangely drawn to this bag....comes in two sizes. I am on the preorder list for the smaller size (although still big, I hear).
  13. LOVE IT, period.
  14. LOVE it, finally something different and BIGGGGG for a change!!!!!!!

    getting so tired of the flap...
  15. I'm not into the garbage bag look. Satin and vinyl are definite no's. I'd have to see it in leather.
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