1. So today I went and picked up my Groom cles and Agenda in red at Neiman Marcus at Fashion Island. Originally I bought the blank pages so that I could just use the agenda as a jotter, but now I'm thinking I won't use it cause i'm afraid of destroying it. So I'm thinking of getting a small ring agenda, or a small ring koala agenda (only if they have the black inside though!), or a mini agenda cover. Keep in mind that I already have the medium agenda but I want something smaller when I'm not in the mood for my big planner. What would be best just for little notes???

    PS- I'm open to suggestions except for the pocket agendas...I don't like the shape.
  2. I though the monogram koala agenda DO have the black lining with silver koala closure (instead of gold)... :confused1:
  3. I meant if it was still available, hopefully! :yes: Anymore suggestions?