1. As I was looking through this month's Elle, I noticed several pages advertising Coach's new "Bleeker" line, which has a new logo I thought looked somewhat familiar. Not identical of course, but pretty close IMO:
  2. good observation. it DOES look very similar. at least they don't have a big "C" underneath!
  3. That's...interesting.
  4. LOL, that reminds many other brands bags now have a little clochette with keys hanging from them? I can name four right off the top of my head!
  5. Wow...that's not good!
  6. Very similar, I agree
  7. Funny! But this is where the similarity ends, IMO. Sorry, not bashing Coach or Coach lovers, just totally different worlds, KWIM?
  8. Coach should've come up with a less familiar logo. ;)
  9. Imitation is the best flattery. :p
  10. huh.
  11. ^^ I don't mean copying as fakes and passing it as Hermes bags. What I meant was other designer brands looking up to Hermes for inspiration. And there is nothing wrong with that. Gives all H fans a chuckle. :upsidedown:
  12. Anyone else think its silly for a company to use a Hermes-like logo when they were established after horses and carriages were no longer used for transportation? I mean come on!
  13. Well, their name is Coach and it's a picture of a coach... similiar I agree. But I think it's cute! :smile:
  14. ^^^ or they could have gone with this:

  15. LMAO!:roflmfao: