Hmm.. Which bag??

  1. I am trying to decide on a bag to buy..

    The large Carly or the Gallery Sig Large Tote? If I were to get Carly it would be in bronze outline, or dark brown, and if I was to get the Gallery Tote it would prob be in black! I am a tall girl [5'11] and am looking for something for summer [maybe for beachy stuff too!]

    Thanks for any responses!

  2. I had the gallery tote in black and I'm returning it today. Once I put all my stuff in there and carried it around my room for a while the buckles started digging into my shoulders.

    I own two med. Carly's and I love them!
  3. Out of your choices, I think the bronze Carly would be best for a summer bag.:tup:
  4. I like the bronze carly as well and have also been trying to decide on a new bag. Anyone have the ergo belted leather bag in the parchment color or have any feedback on the bag? Thanks!
  5. I think your better off with the tote if you're using it for beach stuff. But if you just want an all around bag i say get the carly.
  6. I would vote for the new bronze Carly too :tup:
  7. I really like both bags...but I'll say to go w/ the Carly too.
  8. carly. i h8 open top!
  9. carly!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Large Carly!!!!!! :yahoo:

    Out of all of my bags she is my favorite (including a White Ali!! :angel:)
  11. I say a Carly. They're my favorite bags released by Coach so far.
  12. Thanks everyone! I am leaning more towards the carly too...
  13. Carly.
  14. Carly !!!
  15. Carly:tup: