Hmm which bag to get?

  1. My BF has promised to get me a new bag. (or I made him promise since I'm cosigning for a car) :graucho: I do not have any MJ bags....but boy do I admire!

    On my list is:
    Large MP (black, cocoa, olive)
    Hudson (chili, black, brown with striping)
    Capri (cinnamon, black)
    Quilted MP (brown)
    Quilted Julianne (gray, nude)
    And I'm sure many more...

    I would love to have any of these bags, and I know it comes down to personal preference. I just wanted some opinions from you girls. I want something that I could wear daily, will go with basically everything, comfortable, stylish but still classic. Thanks girls! I cant wait!! :yahoo:
  2. Large MP or Hudson is are my favs from your list!
  3. Do you think the Hudson is versatile enough? I would probably get in in either brown or black so it would go with more. I love the chili, I just want my first MJ to be really versatile and be able to get a lot of use out of it.
  4. i think Large MP will be a great bag to start with MJ collections!
  5. I think the Hudson is very versatile! I have one in Chili and can wear it with jeans or dress it up for business functions. The other bag I would suggest is the Large Multipocket. :love: Good luck with your decision!
  6. Hmmm decisions, decisions. I'm leaning more toward the large MP or the Hudson.

    If theres any one from San Jose, or San Francisco, do stores still have the spring colors?? (Black MP, black Hudson, with or with out brown striping)
  7. i would have to agree with everyone else: the mp or the hudson would be your best bets. i think the mp is more classic marc, but the hudson is so much more eye catching especially if you can find it in chili!
  8. i think an olive MP would be TDF!!
  9. I say MP.
  10. I would go with a large MP from that list. Have you looked into a blake? REALLY a classic and definitely versatile.
  11. I have looked at the Blake. Dont get me wrong, its a great bag. I just like the look of the MP or Hudson more. I think theyre more "me".
  12. I like the MP... Hudson may be difficult to find since it's probably sold out at most dept stores except for the MJ boutique. I also like the Capra a lot, it's a very sophisticated bag and very roomy for it's size. I would advise against the quilted MP because of the chain strap, it wouldn't be functional for daily use. I think the Julianne is gorgeous as well, but I would only get it in the bordeaux/berry color.
  13. Definitely the Hudson or the MP. The Hudson is a more sophisticated, unusual design. The MP is more of the classic MJ style. I like them both. I have a Hudson and I think it is very versatile and definitely an eye-catcher. I don't own a MP, but I would like to.
  14. Large MP! Fits a ton, wears well on the shoulder, and is a classic. The Hudson is also super cute, but as a first MJ I think the MP is most versatile (and has the most colors to choose from!).