Hmm.. what's in Aarti's Big Brown LV BAG!!!!

  1. Oh could it be!

    (nope, not ludlow today...impulse buy...)
  2. augh! tell us! tell us!
  3. Cute! Enjoy your new bag!
  4. :nuts: love the color!! congrats!
  5. Lovely! Makes me want to hurry up and get a madarin keepall!
  6. Congrats! They are very cute.:love:
  7. Love your Mandarin, nice choice :flowers:
  8. [​IMG]
    Congrats, the mandarin epi is too cute
  9. Mmmmmmmmmandarin, nice cles too.

  10. They are all adorable!
    Congrats...enjoy them!
  11. Very nice! Congrats!
  12. thanks everyone!

    and thanks blew for the picture!