Hmm.. What to do ?

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  1. Ok so I was looking on n other websites like that.. I was going to purchase my next items from my local LV boutique..

    But then I'm thinking to myself " I can spend alot and get brand new or I can save a few hundred and get a decent used item" Well I love saving money [who doesn't?] but then I also CAN afford to buy new and also get to know my SA's better & possibly get invited to LV party's, etc. etc. So which should I do ladies & gents ? TIA!:heart:
  2. Buying from the boutique is a fun experience!! Although I do understand saving a few bucks.

    I am very picky and I like my bags BRAND NEW, plus you never know where the used bags have been. Didn't you see the thread of all of the naked people covered by their LV items? ;)
  3. lol yea I saw it.. :excl:
  4. personally, I LOVE buying used bags! I love the broken in feeling, and I love that I don't have to completely baby it! Plus I save lots of money!
  5. I'm too picky to buy used.
  6. True Kimalee, I think I am going to buy my speedy 35 used and BH new =]
  7. I used to mind. It doesn't bother me any longer. If it's in great condition, saving $$ is more important to me. I have purchased beautiful bags from fellow tpf'er... Nothing wrong with 'pre-loved' bags...especially if they are LE's that are no longer available for purchase.
  8. Im exactly the same, I love buying used except for an some exceptions that I really want and will buy from the store. I also love saving the cash, sometimes you can buy a small accessory with the money you save.
  9. I got both of my bags on consignment and got good deals, and they were in excellent condition. I don't mind saving $100 or so on a well-cared-for bag. If you can afford to buy new, you should, though.
  10. It depends to me on how much you save by buying used. I would buy used if the bag is LE or if there's a $200-300 or more savings. For example, you can get a multicolor speedy that is in good condition for around $1100, and that saves over $800 from the retail and tax price, so for that, I would definately buy used. For the monogram speedy, a used in good condition bag goes for around $450-$550 on eBay, and you can buy for $620, so for the extra $100-$150 or so, I would pay to have brand new, and have the LV boutique experience.

    With the money saved on used, I would want it to be enough to buy something else, whether its a bandeau or a pochette.. I think it's nice to save and be able to get another treat :smile:
  11. personally i like brand new bags
    i don't want to be the stepmother of my baby's lol ;)
  12. I have the same dilemma.... My first bag I bought at the boutique and I remember feeling like a princess *sigh* but after that, I opted to buy second hand! So its up to you, but definitely if its your first bag, you should get it at the boutique to get that whole luxury experience -- something you won't forget!

    also, i hear people getting invited to events only if they have a really good relationship with their SAs as opposed to how much they spend. So if you get it at the boutique you have to have a strong relationship! I say go for the money saving imo.
  13. you don't know what the bag's been through!!! So buy new if you can.

  14. ^^^^^^:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: D, you crack me up !!!!!!!!
  15. I personally like brand new bag. Never buy used ones because I can get upset very easy if I don't get what I am looking for.