Hmm... what to buy??

  1. My love of Louis is new so I really don't have too many LV bags.

    That said, I am about to buy one (or two or three!) of the following: the green denim baggy GM, the damier papillon 30, the perforated green speedy 30 (for some reason, I really like it!) or the BH. Any thoughts? Any suggestions? All I have so far is the mono speedy 25, the MC wapity and the cabas piano. I really don't need anything but this forum is inspiring!!

    Many, many thanks!!
  2. Perfo speedy!! I love it!
  3. Damier Papillon 30 or Batignolles Horizontal!

    i think i'm saying that just because i have both :P!
  4. Get the perfo speedy and the denim baggy!
  5. My vote goes towards the damier papillon 30 first then the BH!
  6. Perfo speedy, its classic yet so unique and LE!
  7. Damier Papillon or the BH!
  8. Hmmm....

    <<<-----------baggy gm :P , BH! Have it, and LOVE LOVE it!:heart: , pap 30 damier VERY NICE!! (hope to get it in the future)...I have the pap 26 in mono. So it would be nice to have the damier pap 30.:graucho:

    Good Luck shoppin'! Have fun!:amuse:
  9. 1-Damier pap 30, 2-perforated speedy 30 ,3-denim baggy GM:yes: :yes: :yes: ALL THREE!!!!
  10. Well, no suprise here, I vote for the BH! This is my favorite LV bag so's very practical for work, very comfortable to wear/carry and a very nice looking bag.
  11. WOW! Thanks!! Now, this is even tougher!! I love the denim and perfo speedy but I am concerned they are too trendy... And now I am really think the BH is a must! (But it is very similar in use to the cabas piano.)
  12. My vote goes to the Baggy GM since that is going to be my next LV purchase!
  13. Bh!
  14. Damier Papillon (1) and BH (2)
  15. I vote for the BH!