Hmm. What do you think would happen if a Visa purchase from LV NM was returned to....

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  1. a NM that does NOT accept Visa? What if you don't want to return the Chanel bag but exchange it? Can the return amount go to your NM charge instead?

    Believe it or not, I am on day 10 of trying to find out. Not, CS, not the dept. manager of designer bags, not Credit Services, not even the freaking STORE manager knows what to do. And, if it is sent back to Las Vegas, then we have to pay for the shipping and insure for the full amount. But it's YOUR merchandise, NM. I am here are YOUR STORE with the RECEIPT and never ever used bag. HELLO!!!!!

    Ok, I'm done. It just makes me wonder about those unable to "think outside the box". Am I the only one who thinks this should NOT be such a difficult issue? Bleh. :shrugs:
  2. That's a great question. I asked the same thing when I was considering a phone purchase from the Las Vegas store since my local one does not accept VISA. No one really knew except to tell me that I'd have to mail it back.

    Good luck, let us know what you find.
  3. They will credit your nm charge or give you a credit if they do not accept Visa. This happened to me, and my NM only accepts AMEX. I recieved a gift and my aunt gave me the receipt(her NM takes visa)-so I got a credit. They offered to take it off my NM or AMEX, but since it was a gift I took the store credit.
  4. I have done it before, so ill tell you what happens. If you return a chanel bag that you paid using a VISA and take it to a NM that does not accept VISA, you have to take it to customer service and they process your return for you. They will ask you if you want store credit or a refund, but they wont allow you to exchange it for something else. ( what I was told by NM SF when I took back a chanel pochette that I had gotten from NM LV using my VISA)
  5. So, they will:

    *refund the money via a NM store credit
    *refund the money as a charge credit to my NM
    *refund the money as a charge credit to my VISA (
    *but I CAN NOT get a different bag..why not? If they are keeping the majority of the money, why wouldn't they want to do that? And why does Tysons Corner not know this?

    I'll tell you, this is why I HATE dealing with Neiman Marcus. There is no reason to have to make this such a production; Nordstrom doesn't and they're doing fine finacially. Sometime I think NM is like this just because they're snotty little twits and can act like this and we STILL keep shopping there. *sigh*
  6. You should also be able to request cash. Because it's a purchase over $500 they will mail you a check, which takes about 1 - 2 weeks (my experience).
  7. anything less then $500, they will give you the option of cash back ONLY if you paid using cash. If you paid with a CC, you can also request a check or a store credit. But, they wont let you exchange it for something else and pay the difference. I TRYED already. You have to process the return and then if you chose to get store credit or whatever then go buy something. Anything over $500 paid using cash...CHECK or store credit only...Im waiting for a hefty amount of cash to be sent via check.
  8. Maybe it's changed or varies by store manager, but I was always able to get cash back (or check over $500) from NM no matter how I'd paid. I also know for a fact that if you purchase an item over $1,000 they can let you pay with a M/C or Visa at any store. It is up to the SA and store manager though. Still, it can be done. I've done it before in Michigan.
  9. ^ good to know! Im going to have to inquire about that. I once had to tell the SA " I have to walk to the atm to withdraw the funds" she never mentioned to me I could potentially use a VISA. ( item was over $2400+) imagine me walking around the city with that much cash!!
  10. I've bought stuff at NM online and returned it in store (where it was not in stock.) They just refunded the amount to my mastercard.
  11. Yep, I just confirmed with my SA. She said they'll do it for $1000, but prefer it's over $1500. Also, you have to be at the store, it can't be a phone order.
  12. They never mention it, you have to ask, which I find ludicrous. Before we knew, my mother-in-law walked around the mall with the cash for a fur she was buying there, over $10,000. I didn't know until she pulled it out to pay and I almost had a heart attack.
  13. No Neimans that I know of accepts visa. When I've purchased items from other stores...I just pay to have it shipped back and insure it. I just think that's the built in price of having items shipped to you. If you don't love may have pay to ship it back. One thing...they might ship it for you, but you would have to wait for your refund.
  14. ^LAS VEGAS NM takes Visa..I buy stuff there all the time
  15. Don't you shop with Lisa Hamlin in Michigan? She's the SA I spoke to. She says they will (all Neiman's) take it if purchase is over $1000-$1500.