hmm.. weird

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  1. :confused1: Saw this at Marshall's today: East/west duff with an outlet tag, an "X" on the creed instead of the bullseye, and a "Z" before the second set of numbers.

    And- it was no real bargain at $129.00

    So where did this one come from?
    Please enlighten me! TIA!
  2. HI,
    I have seen some Older Coach at TJ Maxx. (The Water color hobos - can't remember the name - Coach came out with a few years back!) I wonder if TJ Maxx or Marshall got the bags from a Dept. store or if an outlet had decided certain handbags weren't selling so they sold them off. I also just saw a Lunch tote at TJ Maxx that I have never seen before. It was being sold for 1/2 price - not so great!!
    Would be interesting to know!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  3. I have no clue, a Z? Hmm...
  4. I saw this too! I was in TJMaxx yesterday and saw the exact same thing: a lunch tote with a "Z" before the style number (but after the dash) and an "X" stamped into the corner of the creed like they do with bulls eyes. I thought it was still pricey.

    Maybe some SAs here know what it means and can chime in?
  5. The "X" is what Coach bags that are sold at TJ Maxx and Marshalls are stamped with, so they can't be returned to Coach for full price I think. But I'm still lost with the Z thing.
  6. I saw a cute lunch tote but to much for an older bag.