hmm this sucks

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  1. #1 Aug 18, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 19, 2008
    my mom got a nice little dent in her car, and now i feel guilty because i just bought a new RM. i feel like i should sell it and give her the money, but i dont know. ugh
  2. Wow, this is a tough one. Are you in absolute LOVE with your Nikki? If not, then if your Mom is really in need for $$$ to fix the car then maybe you should sell it. If it's not the must-have bag for you, then there's no harm in waiting until your IT bag becomes available. Everything always bubbles up to the surface on Ebay; you just need to be patient (and have good timing, lol).

    PS: No matter what you decide, you're a really good daughter for even thinking to help your Mom out like this! :girlsigh:
  3. So true! What a great daughter.
  4. iawtc
  5. I don't mean to sound negative, but are you by any chance having buyers remorse????? Or a change of heart????
  6. :confused1:
  7. This isn't a question that other people (particularly people in a bag forum) could answer for you. There is no right or wrong to this. You don't need other people's opinions when the answer is in your heart.

    By asking people in a RM bag forum this question you may entice people to want to buy your bag and then get answers fueled by that desire. I may be so negative about this though, because I think most questions asking whether a person should sell their bag or not are just thinly veiled solicitations.
    If your Mom truly needs the money and you have no other funds to give her, then you have to do what your heart says.
  8. I think it's great that you want to help your mum out.

    I'd consider whether the bag is THE bag for me and whether it'd be hard, easy to find if you decide to sell it - if you saved up and searched high and low to find her then it'd be a lot of wasted efforts. At the same time, is the dent superficial and can repairing it wait or is it making the car unsafe to drive.
    It's a toughie, maybe have a chat with your mum about it and you can come to an arrangement where you can help contribute to organising repairs and the cost of repairing the car as well as keeping your bag.
  9. Oh Jeewanna, So sorry to hear about your Mom's car. Hope she was not hurt and that everyone is OK. Sending good vibes to you and your mom. You are a good daughter.
  10. Lexie2000 makes a good point :thinking:
  11. yeah, i mean i really like the bag, and the color is gorgeous. and the dent in my moms car is more superficial than causing potential danger. i guess you could say its a bit of buyers remorse! i think ill have a chat with my mom about it, and see where that leads me!
  12. sounds like a good idea, good luck! :tup:

  13. Yes, she does. It's really a dicey situtation to infer one may have to sell a bag for whatever reason, because even if it's a legitimate 'have to sell,' it comes dangerously close to breaking rules. Difficult situation.
  14. If the car wasn't running and she needed it to get to work, then yes, definitely. Otherwise, its just a question of vanity. No one needs to drive a dent-free car, just like no one needs to carry a $600 bag.
  15. ITA...If you're having buyers remorse, then you should sell it. Don't let your decision depend on the dent alone. If you LOVE the bag, but still need to help your mom, maybe try to find other bags you could sell that you don't use as much?