Hmm, still waiting for my interviewers to make a decision!

  1. Hey girls!

    Remember when I asked you guys to cross your fingers for me because I was going to Chicago for a job interview? Well, I interviewed twice in late June... they haven't come up with a decision yet. I did do a follow-up call and got the "We haven't figured it out yet but you're still a factor in your decision" speech.

    I think they know I'm not moving until mid-September and are therefore taking resumes until then. Does that sound like a reasonable assumption for me to make?

    Or maybe they're scared to tell me they didn't want to hire me?! lol!

    My saving grace might be that I asked for such a teeny salary!

    Thanks for all your good wishes.:heart:
  2. Hmmm, they should let you know either way, and soon. 6 weeks is a bit long unless it is an executive level position. Did they tell you they have not made a decision? Are you moving to take this job, or were you moving to Chicago anyway?
  3. Hi Irishgal!

    I know, they're totally leaving me hanging here! I'm very, very underqualified for this job. I kinda wish they would just give me a "yes" or "no."

    I'm moving to Chicago anyway, but I'd like to have this job once I get there!

    What I'm thinking is that they liked me, but are waiting for better options. I wonder how much longer they're going to make me wait!

    Should I do another follow-up call? The last time I called was 3 weeks ago.
  4. Maybe. I might even consider calling them and saying something like: "I am assuming that I have not been chosen for the position but I would like to thank you for the opportunity to interview and wish you well in your search for the right candidate". That forces their hand to say "no no, we really have not decided" or, "thanks for you interest". Also, have they contacted any references or done any checking on your background?
  5. haha! That's bold!

    On my resume, I wrote "References upon request" and they did not ask for any references. I don't think they've done any background check... they don't have my social security number or anything, and they never asked for my college transcript.

    A big part of this job is marketing (they had asked for "inside and outside sales experience" which I do not have)... at the interview, one of the guys said "If you have to be annoying, then you have to be annoying." Should I be annoying and just call them regularly?

    Thanks for your advice, Irishgal, I appreciate it!
  6. Well, I would, just because there is really no reason for them not to give you an answer. The only problem is if you call and ask if they have made a decision they can say "no" even if they have, and you are back to square one. So, if you call them and elect not to back them into the corner by telling them you assume they selected someone else at least try to get them to tell you 1. when they think they will have a decision and 2. how will they be notifying you if you were not selected?
  7. Thanks, Irishgal. I think I'm going to do that. I'm such a scaredy-cat. I don't want to "turn them off" or anything, but I'm getting antsy!

    I'm new to the job market. Isn't it typical that you get a rejection letter or rejection email/phone-call? They don't just out and out never contact you again, do they?
  8. Believe it or not, some might never contact you, but that is rare. If you had an interview they at least send you a form letter or they phone you. And, I might add, if this is how they treat their candidates, guess how they treat their employees? Probably not well. Don't be scared. It gets easier over time!
  9. Unfortunately, it's not THAT rare :sad:
    It sucks, but DH has told me that his Co rarely tells people. . . it's been like for every Co he's worked for since I've known him.
  10. If they don't want you and you called to follow-up, they will tell you. That's what happened to me. AIG never called me back to let me know if they want to hire me or not so I follow-uped with a call and they told me that the one other person (it came down to me and someone) was more qualified. I asked them if they send out any form of notice cause I would've never known if I didn't call and they said no.
  11. P.S. They didn't say no so that's a good thing. You're still in the running. Sounds like they might try to get a couple more interviews in before filling the position up. I really hope you get it!
  12. I agree - they haven't said no yet, so it sounds like they haven't made their decision. When I was interviewing, I called a couple of places that said they would definitely call, and they never did. It took me to make a phone call for them to tell me no. I think that if you called and they said the decision is still up in the air, it sounds like that's exactly what's going on.

    Most places I interviewed with either called to tell me no, I did not get the job, or did nothing. I remember getting only a couple of rejection letters.

    Good luck! I hope you get it :heart:
  13. i agree with cristna and kathy rose. as long as they have not said no, you are still in the running.
    if you do not want to call, you can always mail thank you cards and reiterate your interest in the position in the card.
    i will surely continue tokeep my fingers crossed for you.
    i know the whole interview process and the waiting can be so nerve racking and tough. hang i there.
  14. 3 weeks is really long
    i feel ya
    i'm waiting for a decision too. was meant to be told today but the managing director called in sick and he makes the finall call. so i make the call tomorrow. when i go for any interviews i always ask them when i hsould expect an answer and whether i can call them to check up on my application. most of them will give me a date but NEVER call on the specific date. it's always much later.

    at the mean time, i can't sit still eat still or do anything without anticipation. gluck!
  15. 3 weeks does seem a bit long - I think though if they weren't interested then they would have definately let you know by now - so thats good!

    I think Irishgals suggestions is fab - it is bold but if the waiting is killing you it should give you a definitive answer. At least if you haven't got it (I hope you have LOL!) you will know and can move on,

    The trouble is if I have gone for a job I really liked and hadn't heard it kind of hinders me in searching for new jobs

    BTW the job I am in now they told me they would make a decision in 2 weeks and it took them five weeks - it transpired this was due to an illness in HR!

    I hope it works out ok and let me know how you get on!:flowers: