hmm....should I keep?

  1. well, after being a member on this forum for awhile...and eyeing the different types of bags, I've decided that I really did love the prada gauffre (esp the bowler).

    So, there was a sale at Holt Renfrew today where various handbags were 25% off regular price.

    I got my beloved bag for $2500 (after 15% taxes). The regular price was over $3000.
    It's a black gauffre bowler. I was deciding between the expensive gauffre and the regular smooth leather bowlers they had. I broke down and got the gauffre after a lot of indecisive moments.

    I'm inbetween crying out of joy and crying out of worry b/c I've never really spent so much on anything before.

    Did I over pay? I ask because I'm going to have the opportunity to go to the Saks at New Orleans in a few weeks, and I don't know if the US prices are significantly cheaper than the cdn prices. I have the option of bringing the purse back. I also bought a prada nylon bowler....but now I've got to decide between the two purses. :biggrin:

    any advice would be so wonderful!!!!! *even if it's to make me feel better about my crazy purchase*

    Thanks a lot in advance :biggrin:
  2. Gauffre is my forever love. I am not sure which Gauffre Bowler you bought. I know Gauffre is pricey, but I am not aware any Gauffre Bowler's original price was $3000. Have you checked Bluefly? There are a few Gauffre Bowler listed so you can compare them with yours.

    Like this one, its original price was $2,620. Bluefly cost is $2,096.
  3. oh my goodness.....
    handbagangel....I didn't even think to check bluefly for prada. how foolish of me.
    I've lusted after the buttery softness of the gauffre leather for so long now.
    $2096 is better than $2500. The thing is, bluefly doesn't have black. I'm not sure if the price difference is worth the trade off.

    Thanks for the reply. It's hard for me to let go of the nylon one too, as it's a pretty classy bag too. But, alas, I've got to choose one :biggrin:
  4. ^I paid alot for the same bag thru Prada....Enjoy it!Its a fab bag!and so pretty!
  5. leather and nylon can't be compared, dearie. keep it - you sound like you really love it :biggrin: you can always get nylon bags from other brands, at lower prices too i think? ;)
  6. If you're dead set on black and that exact style and don't want to risk not seeing a black one show up on Bluefly -- you probably did alright. At least you didn't pay retail and you got what you wanted.