Hmm, should I end auction early?

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  1. Ok so...I'm selling a certain item and it already has a high bidder. A bidder I've dealt with before emails me and wants to know if they can make an offer and if I'll end the auction early (note that I JUST started it tonight).
    So I tell her that since there's a high bidder already, I'd prefer to let it run. She emails me back a couple of seconds later saying she can bid again, become the high bidder and then I can end it because her birthday is Sunday and she's been looking for this item forever (note that, yes the item is pretty rare but one JUST ended today).

    I haven't responded back to her yet simply because I'm not sure what to do. I mean on the one hand, I know I'll get a good amount for it, BUT, on the last item I sold her, she bought it from me for $138, then resold it on a BIN for $175. I'm thinking she's going to do the same thing with this one too.
    I mean I'm all for reselling, but I'd like to give other bidders a chance too since the one that ended today had a lot of bids.

    Should I just tell her that, or end it for her, or what should I do?
  2. just tell her you dont feel its fair to the other bidders. besides you never know how high it will get auction style.
  3. She already resell your item for a higher price, I think it's obvious why she wants you to end this action early, she wants to make some money on you. I will not end the action early simply because it's unfair to others like Barmakianbags said.
  4. I would if the price is ok. Too many crazy ebay people and you know this one will pay

  5. Yeah that's what I was thinking too. Also, to me, the birthday thing is kinda weird, even if I DID sell it to her right now, it wouldn't get there for her bday. Plus, one just ended earlier today that she could have gone for (it had a 9 day run).
    Anyway I emailed her back saying that I have a lot of watchers (which I do) and that I'd prefer to let it run since I think that a lot of them may be people who missed the one that ended earlier today (which I'm sure they are). And that way, I'm making sure she knows that I DID see how much the other one went for...if it's anything like the last one, she'll offer like $100 then sell it for $200.
    I had forgotten that last time with the other item, she offered me like $100 and it went for $ seems like she thinks I don't know how much these things are worth?

    Like I said, I'm all for reselling but I could really use that extra profit right now myself.
  6. I'm going to have to agree with this, particularly if the only reason you want to not sell to your repeat bidder is because you don't want her to resell (or the other stuff doesn't really bother you). For all you know, the current high bidder will also resell, and you have absolutely zero control over this. Of course, don't settle for the low price.
  7. I'm one of the bidders that place bids at the last second for example and price usually go up at the last 30 minutes of the action, everyone knows that. It's up to you, of course, but this particular buyer is really audacious.
  8. I would give it a few days - most people buy on the weekend.
  9. ^Yeah that's what I'm going to do. I mean I've sold several similar items in the past and haven't had a problem with people paying so I think I'll just let it go for the duration. Especially since I just started it a few hours ago.
    I guess I also am seeing it from the perspective of the other potential buyers though too. I know how annoyed I was a couple of times to see that I was bidding on some LV item (the item I'm selling isn't LV) I'd been wanting for a LONG time and was the high bidder throughout, only to end up being outbid and then seeing "seller has ended auction early to sell to the highest bidder." I still never ended up being able to get one, either.
  10. ^^ Yes, I know how that feels, that happened to me once, I was so bummed. I was pretty new to ebay and I didn't even know they could do that!:shame: So now, I always try to be the highest bidder in everything I bid on, just in case! Haha! Now, as for your auction, I say just let it run too, unless of course you need the $ right away for something else :P
  11. I say let it run. I really don't like when auctions are ended early. I think it kind of stinks when this happens. If there is a possibility of that happening, I think people should do the best offer option so that people know they do have that option. I just follow auction rules and bid my highest bid towards the end. I have been disappointed so many times when auctions are pulled and I never got a chance to bid. I have asked to make an offer a couple of times, but it was because I knew others were doing the same and I wanted a chance at an auction. I agree with another poster...I always bid at the very end and I think an auction can really go up in price towards the very end. You may be losing some money if you end it early.
  12. How much is she offering? Is it anywhere near what the ended auction received? If not, I'd just tell her that I'm so sorry, but I'd like to let it run and good luck!
    If she really wants it for her"birthday" she'll bid.
  13. You could tell her you prefer to let the auction run and if there is any problem at the end with the high bidder you may do a BIN for her after the auction. That way you will both have an idea of how high the price will potentially go. It is a bit unfair for other bidders to end early, especially if she is just after a bargain to resell
  14. Surely if she is that desperate for it - she will bid anyway. I would let it run, I think she is just trying to get it from you cheaper for her to resell.
  15. I would also let it run. I don't feel comfortable that she has already sold an item bought from you for a higher price. I'm all for re-selling as well but I think you might get even higher bids yourself and as it is your auction you should be the one who profits from it. The birthday seems a bit of story telling to me. ^^ The BIN idea is good as well if the highest bidder won't pay etc.