hmm....she's here

Feb 22, 2006
UPS just dropped by -- after months of being on the waiting list for Fall 12A (i am not a patient person), the bag is here

first of all -- VERY impressed with the way the package was prepared by the sales person -- I have never received anything so beautifully packaged from a sales person before -- the wrapping paper has little chanel logos all over it


with a gorgeous card saying "thank you"


here she is: Mademoiselle Rouge


She definitely is mini!!

On the shoulder-- the length is perfect like this (excuse my daughter - and her mess- -- she is watching max and ruby on the tv while her momma is posing in front of the mirror :P Oh, and excuse my outfit as well -- i ran out in rain for 1 minute to save my flower beds from pouring out into the yard -- huge rainstorm this afternoon, and came back soaked -- threw on some random clothes)



when worn cross body...


i think it looks silly because it is so short -- and i bought it primarily to be worn cross body so i can have my hands free...

how now, brown cow?

I am undecided

ps: as a reference for others --- i am 5'4", so not tall at all --- but, in terms of proportions, I do have a long torso (and short, stubby stumps for legs...sigh)

note -- oh, as for quality -- hmmm..i don't feels a bit...different from my other bags...the leather feels a bit dry and papery? and soft.
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Lovin My Sons & Dogs
Aug 1, 2011
I don't think it looks too short on you! I really like the mini and the color of this one. Very nice wrapping as you said. I am 5'5 and the mini looks ridiculously short when worn cross body on me (not sure of it's height, weight, big chest or all 3). But I like it on you! Congrats!!