Hmm, please enlighten me!

  1. Just curious, why do people change their user names on E-bay? Can anyone inform me..should I be alarmed when I see a person change their name several times..or is it just a matter of wanting to switch it up ?? I never really understood this.

  2. Some people just bore of them, doesn't mean anything as you can see the ID history and they keep all their feedback
  3. Thanks Mooks!
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  5. I changed my eBay name once because I joined another site with the same name and decided I wanted to keep these entities separate. It was easier to change the eBay name than that one.
  6. I changed my eBay ID a while ago since it used my (somewhat unusual) last name. I figured I didn't need any crazies looking me up.
  7. I have changed my eBay name twice. Once, because it included a car name (I sold that car, LOL!), then the second time because I wanted a name that was more aimed at what I actually sell.

    I wasn't trying to run away from anything, just wanted to freshen it up. Sometimes people will change their name thinking their prior feedback will go away. IT DOESN'T.
  8. Wow, thanks everyone for the replies!
  9. I sort of feel like changing mine now:p
  10. I changed my ebay name because I had my real name in there. And it's pretty unique, and makes it very easy to find me. I thought it was better to be a little less conspicuous.
  11. i changed mine because i got bored.
    also, bc my friend saw my acct name and i didn't want her looking up what i buy :biggrin:
  12. I used the same name originally for my ebay and accounts, and I decided I didn't want to do that any more, so that's why I changed mine!
  13. Some people change their names to reflect the type of merchandise they are selling. I changed mine once because it had my street number in it. I've thought of changing it again but all the good names I could think of have been taken. Changing names on the same account doesn't alarm me at all. What does cause me concern is a very professional sounding seller with a small number of feedbacks - it would appear they have abandoned an account and reinvented themselves (maybe something to hide?).

  14. Very Good point!
  15. I won't change my seller id b/c I have built a reputation of selling TODS and LT (which is all I buy). I want my buyers to recognisr my name.

    My buying acct is a diff story, that one i have changed just b/c I found something more clever to use.