Hmm...*NEW* Handles on Saleya PM Comfy??

  1. Louis Vuitton
    Damier Azur Saleya PM $885.00

    Damier Azur coated canvas
    Natural cowhide leather trim with yellow topstitching
    Red edge dying
    Shiny golden brass hardware
    Zipper closure
    Rolled leather shoulder straps with links
    Interior patch pocket and cell phone pocket
    Honey-colored microfiber lining
    13.7" x 9" x 5.9"


    Louis Vuitton
    Saleya PM $885.00

    An elegant, hand-carried tote in Louis Vuitton's new Saleya family, the Saleya PM is at once modern and timeless. New Damier signatures like the rounded golden links and red microfiber lining add contemporary sophistication. Finished with rolled chocolate leather handles.
    Damier canvas with smooth dark chocolate leather trim
    Red microfiber lining
    Shiny golden brass hardware
    Rolled leather handles with chunky rounded golden links
    Zip closure
    Interior patch pocket and cell phone pocket
    13.7" L x 9" H x 5.9" W


    Today I was browsing elux and noticed they had the Azur Saleya PM and noticed in the description is says..
    "Rolled Leather shoulder straps"

    Then checked the reg. Damier Saleya PM....and it's still being shown with the original "rolled leather handles". Hmmm...

    I know they were changing the handles on the Saleyas but for some reason I hadn't noticed PM's new handles. I've seen pics on tPF but wasn't paying close enough attention. Also haven't been to LV in a long time.

    I know some people can fit them on there shoulder. This is the first time I've seen pics of both PMs (with the old and newer handles for a good comparison). They look more roomier...I was thinking of getting the MM cuz I like to have bigger bags (plus the handles were roomier)....but I've always thought the PM was so cute!! Just the handle thing that got in the way. It fit on my shoulder (with the old handles) but a lil snug. So now with the roomier handles...hmm...:smile:

    For those of you that have the *new* handles on the PM what's the verdict? Comfy/not comfy? Does the rolled handles get too uncomfortable on the shoulder....OR Do you find you can wear the PM (with the new handles) for quite a while with no problems?

    TIA!!!!!!! :yes:
  2. ^anyone???? Thoughts?? Handles, roomier/better???:confused1:
  3. I've tried the Damier Ebene Saleya PM in the store, but that one didn't fit well on my shoulder, the outer handle kept falling off, so I'm assuming, if the handles were changed, that I tried on an old one.
  4. Only the MM's handles have changed, as far as I know...

    Also, I don't understand what difference you're referring to about the PM's handles. You bolded "rolled leather handles", but all Saleyas have had rolled handles, never flat ones. Now if you're talking about the handle LENGTH, then the two pictures are the SAME. It's just that when you add more weight or pull on the handles more, they become narrower or appear to look longer. :yes:
  5. how i wished they were flat handles! :yes:

    i thought the new handles were just a tad bit longer?
  6. Sorry, if I confused you....:push::smile:

    Uhh...I meant to point out that the loops (handles) are bigger around.:yes: Seems like the Azur Saleya has the newer roomier around handles. :shrugs:
  7. Ya, me 2!! :yes:
  8. The azur says "shoulder straps" while the ebene says "handles."

  9. It can be carried on the shoulder according to the website, but the handles are definitely rolled.
  10. Ya, that's what I meant as well. The azur handles appear narrower in that pic whereas the damier one is more round, but both are the same handle length. The handles are not stiff, they're very pliable, so you can bend them whichever way you wish. :yes:

    Thank you Ryan.
    I think that's an eluxury translation error (not that the French vuitton site is perfect, but they're more consistent imo)
  11. The MM is starting to look really attractive to me. I love the rolled handles actually and prefer them over flat.
  12. Same here, I think the Saleyas would look best with rolled handles.